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Favorite Finds Friday - Week 3
I know I am getting
to this week's Friday Favorite Find a little late.  I been curled up in bed watching tv for the
last 2 days.  I think we are coming down
with some flu/cold thing, and I am still recuperating as well. The first thing I
wanted to share wit...
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Another Round of Blogtastic Reviews is here!
Wow I cannot believe that I have been using the Blogtastic Reviews
graphic I made and the link to my site is wrong.  I had to have been pretty tired to make that
kind of mistake.  Anyway, fixed now. I haven't had much
chance to be online so I haven'...
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Favorite Colors, Bedrooms, Bears and Friendship
I'm not sure if I have told you yet that Purple is my most favorite color in the world.  Since we have been in the house (4 months now), I have been dreaming of decorating my bedroom/craft space black and purple.  I found this amazing picture on Pinterest l...
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I been gone, been
gone so long… Wow this month sure
did throw me for a loop.  Please note:  There are parts of this post about my health
and recovery, please feel free to pass reading that and go to the sixth
paragraph down. As I mentioned in an
(earlier po...
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Kylara's Favorite Finds Friday Feature - Week 1
As I scour around
the internet, I always find interesting articles, pictures, products, ideas and
so much more.  There are so many amazing
things to find online that you could lose many hours a day just looking around. So I decided to
share my favorite find...
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My Goals for 2014
I have been working
on this post for most of the day.  I know
that I have thought of a few goals the last few days, but once I sat down and
did a bit of research on setting blog goals, it became evident that this was
not going to be one of those posts that ...
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A Look Back on 2013
The year began with me being extremely ill.  My Crohn's disease was in full swing.  We had a talk with my surgeon during one of my hospital stay about a temporary ileostomy.  He agreed to give it a chance and I had my surgery on May 29. The day of my surger...
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Christmas 2013
Wow what a busy few
weeks at 884.  Due to my health I was
spending all waking moments focusing on making Christmas presents for the
kids.   Our Christmas eve was celebrated
quietly at home, just G and myself.  We
slipped on our new pajamas and watched Polar...
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Kylara's Favorite Find's Friday
I've been under the weather this week so I thought I would share some of my favorite finds/articles/pins of the week to share with you.  I'm also in the process of getting my blog planner all set up and organized.  I am hoping that having some structure wil...
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