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Karen Roberts

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 Yah Muppet.
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Karen Roberts

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This was fun, thanks +Pete Meyers +Max Minzer and everyone who joined.  
Yesterday, Dr. Pete from SEOmoz and I were interviewed by Max Minzer on a Google+ Hangout. The interview was very enjoyable that I felt I wanted to share the archived version with you all...
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Karen Roberts

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Ever wondered how some blogs always seem to get likes and shares from big industry names? Well these tips will show you how to get on the radar of the movers and shakers in your niche and get them retweeting, +1ing and linking your content, without you having to resort to blanket guest blog requests. 

Catch the right blogger's attention and your posts will become more popular than you could ever imagine! 

Find out how to here:
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Karen Roberts

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The importance of Google+ and #authorrank   #authorshipmarkup  Great stuff from   +Mike Arnesen 
+Mike Arnesen is on fire here - I wish I was there for the Q&A after, I have plenty of Qs!
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Karen Roberts

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We have the results, and it's all good news!
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Karen Roberts

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Got fat fingers? Google makes you double click on mobile ads.
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Karen Roberts

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Google+ Ghost Stories and Failure Fairy Tales
Debunking every expert that says Google+ is a ghost town

I've been meaning to write this for quite some time. I can't stand when I read an article from some expert who found a bunch of numbers and put together a pretty #infographic  that says Google+ is a failure and/or a ghost town. 

I think all us g+niuses know what the truth is, but some folks have really bought into it. So I put together 10 points that will annihilate any so-called experts attempt to call Google+ a ghost town ever again. 

I mention +Amanda Blain, +Morten Myrstad, +Fernando Fonseca, and my personal Google+ hero, +Mike Elgan in the post because they've all written some great stuff on getting through the ghost town garbage. 

You can read the full post here

I hope you enjoy, and furthermore, I hope it gives you some ammunition to shoot down any of those silly Ghost Stories and Failure Fairy Tales. 

Happy +ing everyone! 
#ghosttown   #socialmedia   #mythbuster   #googleplustip  
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Karen Roberts

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Broken #linkbuildingtips  A Must Read! Check out +Jon Cooper response in comments section too about 2 step email method (dated 16/11/12).
New tool review!
NOTE: I was not paid to write this review, nor are there any affiliate links. These are purely my opinions of a tool that's relevant to all of you (we all love links) that I think is worth your attent...
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Total sponge for all things SEO and Social Media Marketing - constantly giving myself a headache by reading too much about it all and not actually doing much work! Founder and CEO of Select SEO.

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So happy with the car I bought from Bradley and the service I received. He was so professional and nothing was too much trouble. A real honest car dealer who clearly loves his job, knows his stuff and genuinely cares about his clients. Thank you. I'd recommend Bradley's Cars to anyone.
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Select Servicing are amazing. I had an MOT and an interim service with them. They picked up my car from where I was working that day, which was on the outskirts of Bournemouth, they took it away, carried out all the work and dropped my car back around 5pm and it looked like new! Nice touch with the free valet!!!
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