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This is's Google+ Account! Feel free to add us to your Circles!
This is's Google+ Account! Feel free to add us to your Circles!

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I've been on YouTube for a full year now! Thanks to everyone for the support :D

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Just a quick preview to what will be coming to the blog :D

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Finally got the website Redesigned! Spent about 2 hours and I hope it was worth it LOL

What do you think?

And I will be sorting out the content stuff later next week :D


2 vids out this weekend!

Jelly Bean on the HTC Sensation. This is still a beta so there are bugs bound to be present BUT it's still Abdul's daily driver so it's pretty awesome.

The other is a lightly themed Stock based ROM called Wicked v2 for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. There is an ICS blue version and a Red version, and in my opinion, they both rock :D

Go check them out on our YouTube Channel!

2 vids today and hopefully 2 for tomorrow :D

How to Root and Unlock the Nexus 7 and the ASUS TF300 with Jellybro, a CM10 based Kang :D

Hey folks! Three videos have been released today :D

Go feast your eyes on The ASUS TF300 running an extremely stable Stock based ICS ROM, the Nexus 7 with a Custom Jelly Bean ROM which has Flash!  and lastly the Samsung Galaxy SIII with Jelly Bean, Cyanogenmod 10 Alpha!

Phew...that was a lot to write lol

Stay tuned next week for Jelly Bean on the TF300 and other stuff!
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