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Karl Fogel
Enjoying watching cooperation spontaneously break out in a capitalist world.
Enjoying watching cooperation spontaneously break out in a capitalist world.

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Long gap between 1971 and 2005, though.  We all have our blogging slumps, I guess!

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Love the idea of a steampunked BookLiberator!
Check out the BookLiberator Beta, a flatpack kit version of an affordable, low-tech book digitizer that looks good in your living room or library, and can scan 600-900 pages per hour!

Comes with everything you need except the cameras, assembly required but the only tool you'll need is a screwdriver.

I'll likely purchase one within a week or so, and after I assemble it, I'm going to steampunk it up and make it even more awesome.

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Lauren Weinstein is spot-on.  'Nuff said.

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One day left in Kickstarter campaign to fund 2nd edition of my book "Producing Open Source Software"!  Thanks to everyone who's backed (more than 300 of you).  Trying to push it past $15,000 in this last day -- please spread the word.  The overfunding will make a better book; for detailed explanation, see my blog post or the Kickstarter project update .  Thank you all!

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Just posted an update to my Kickstarter campaign for "Producing Open Source Software", explaining the overfunding goals:   Please spread the word!

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Kickstarter campaign to update my book "Producing Open Source Software" is now going into overfunding, and I'm trying to help it!  New backer reward available... See (and big thanks to +Michael Bernstein for his post of a couple of days ago, which is partly responsible!)

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Today is Ben Collins-Sussman's 40th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Ben!
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