I am all for the right tool for the right job, and let's face it, the command line just isn't the right tool for every job. Plus, it smacks of that same elitism we have come to know and love in most Mac Addicts: "Oh, I do everything on the command line. It's sooooo much faster!" No it isn't, you are just a snob.

Time to put away the vi and emacs, kids. Let's all come into the 21st century. If you are running a strictly headless server, then command line is what you need. And you shouldn't be chatting anyway. CLI is damn handy for diagnosing problems with your desktop or laptop, but it shouldn't be your primary interface.

Let's be frank for a moment, this is one of the problems with getting Linux onto more desktops. GNOME and KDE are very nice desktop environments (although I don't personally care for the direction they are heading). And that is what most users are looking for, really. If you sit average people in front of the computer and expect them to use the command line, they will get up and walk away after about ten minutes. Why do you think Apple and Microsoft brazenly ripped off the interface from Xerox?
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