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JT Thomas
Logic is only the beginning of wisdom.
Logic is only the beginning of wisdom.

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The humanities are not the icing on the cake.  They're the crust on the pie.

Orwellian: When someone is always watching you.
Rockwellian: When you always feel like somebody's watching you.

I think it would be amusing to get a can of soda that said "Share a Coke with Paul Erdos"

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Facebook doesn't like this link, so here you go, all you lovely folks. Apparently, Ms Rand was having a bit of fun with us all. Certainly puts a different spin on things...

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Wil Wheaton made a great point over on Tumblr which deserves wide distribution:

The media’s job is not to turn a blind eye. The media’s job is to report. Period.

From my daughters:
Yo mama so fat her Patronus is a Cake.

Hope is a thing with feathers
Regret is a thing with claws.

A beer from a pretty woman, 3 dollars.
A photo at the country fair, 5 dollars.
A watch, that you forgot in your pocket, 50 dollars.
Getting caught in an intrinsic field remover and being turned into an omnipotent being, priceless.

- luckcat

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