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Madeline C.
20 - something just trying to find her way through the equestrian social network
20 - something just trying to find her way through the equestrian social network

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We Have Moved
Oh hey guys... Sorry to be a pain in the ass but we've moved over to I hope you still follow us and our adventures! Just to entice you... We did something fun this weekend.

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The Countdown
Oh hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. We're handling life okay and I hate taking this long to post but, I'm still climbing my way out of that hole. I do see the light though and I have a couple amazing support straps helping me along the way. Plus, I ha...

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Spring Cleaning
Ha! "Spring cleaning". I really meant "Spring Injuries" I've been working my little butt off to build up a savings for pony adventures and it's been paying off for sure. But unfortunately in return, scratched cornea and another super fun back injury. Becaus...

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Dressaging It
It's been an interesting week full of emotions and I'm not really sure where my brain is right now, but I can't wait to get back in the saddle tomorrow that's for sure. I just spent the last 24 hours without a cell phone and back when I had a "normal" job i...

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Trail Work/Contest?
The weather has been absolutely incredible here in New England. 60's? 70's? In f*cking February? I wouldn't be surprised if we nailed by some crazy storm because we've been so lucky. But if we don't, I'll be thankful. Brantley is due to be shod and I would ...

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First Adventure of 2017
So a few things have happened since my last post. One being I died my hair... Pink. Like really pink. It's more of an ombre pink style because I needed to be able to put it up and tone it down a bit when applicable. But so far, everyone loves it. Especially...

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"Blizzard" 2017
I'm actually sitting down in a coffee shop right now drinking some apple juice and catching up on blogs. I even ordered some delicious french toast and... breathed. What's my excuse? The truck is getting a new set of front tires across the street. It's alwa...

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Hibernation Day
I won't lie to any of you. This is exactly what I have been doing all day... Legit just sleeping after eating an entire jar of queso. Not exactly the gains I should working for but I have time to make up for it now that Spring seems a little further away af...

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Every Storm...
Hey there friends... I'd really like to reach out and say thank you to those who took time to check in, it really means a lot. I've taken some time away since the holidays for a few reasons. Things became a little too dark for my liking but sometimes you ju...

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Super Exciting
Things have been pretty quiet on the pony front but not so quiet on the work front. Chevy and I have been super busy running around while clients do their December-thing. I'm pretty much done with Christmas shopping, just have to ship out a couple of things...
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