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Jennifer Vander Klipp
I make beauty from neglect, order from chaos. I like fixing messes!
I make beauty from neglect, order from chaos. I like fixing messes!

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Not just for writers.

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Do you need a mentor or a writing coach? Check out this article to find out.

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Latest post in the series on character building is up on

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Hey there! I'm over at a new site: . Come visit me over there!

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The latest post on improving your writing is up on Pencildancer

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A Happy Ending?
Photo credit: Jennifer Vander Klipp So after my disappointment at the destruction of my baby
robin nest, I had hoped to be able to watch the growth of baby cardinals
outside my bathroom window. We were getting ready for church and I heard a lot of
chirping ...

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A Second Chance?
So in my last post I shared how I loved watching momma robin
build her nest. But I was frustrated by one thing: from my angle, I couldn’t
see inside the nest. I didn’t know if she had laid her eggs, and if so, how
many. My brave husband to the rescue! He cl...

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A Room With a View
Working from home has brought a difference I hadn’t really
appreciated before I made the move: new co-workers. Meet Lexi, Rocki (above), and Lucy (below, who is usually being this ridiculous when she's not sleeping). I have to say, they are not as industrio...

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The Beauty of Routine
I’ve always thought routine was important. Even back when I
was in grade school, during free time I’d be writing out my “Schedules of Time”
trying to figure out how much time I had for reading and playing the in orange
groves while still doing my homework a...
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