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Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie.
This is my local beach where a bodyboarder was attacked by a shark on the weekend. Reports are that he'll be ok after lots of surgery. Good news. I surfed on Saturday but at one of the other beaches closer to town. I'll be a little bit nervous next time I paddle out, that's for sure!
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The new Business Copywriter website is now live!

We’ve also expanded our service offering to include Marketing Communications. 

With our combined copywriting, marketing and advertising experience, this new service is really just a natural extension of our existing writing business.

Have a poke around and if you know of anyone who may need copywriting or marketing communications services, you know where to send them!

Have a safe and happy Christmas everyone!
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Yep, this sums it up in a nutshell
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Yesterday the Abbott Government delivered on our commitment to our sponsors Gina and Rupert to scrap the Carbon Tax. Scrapping the Carbon Tax is just one part of our plan to screw over future generations for our billionaire mates.

Please Share. (If you can be bothered)

#CarbonTax #COALition #Australmerica
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Thanks for the invite +Bek Lambert! When I saw that +Melinda Samson was the moderator of this new community, I thought what the heck, I'll join anyway :) Just kidding Mel - nice to be here.
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