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Editor, Blogger, Electronics Tech, Old Geek, Anarcho-Capitalist
Editor, Blogger, Electronics Tech, Old Geek, Anarcho-Capitalist
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Hope for 2016. I prefer this outlook to the one I posted earlier.

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A few years ago, +graham mewburn quoted this prediction:
Where is the oil crunch? LOL
Lesson? Don't count on military intelligence or predictions of crises.

====== Graham Mewburn ========
If a man you know is spending money 2 times faster than he is earning it.
What will happen?
Some things are predictable Clif.
and many things are verifiable
the discovery of crude oil peaked in 1965
a verifiable fact
simply google
discovery crude oil peak
that is the first link there many others
according to Reuters quoted in that article
discovery has fallen to 15 - 20 gb per year
the world is using 30+gb per year
I looked it up you can too
since the 1980's the world has been using more oil than is discovered to replace what we have used
for 30 years Clif we have used oil faster than we discover new fields to replace those in decline
the North sea went into decline in 1999
and has declined 50%
a verifiable fact
in fact everything I report is verifiable
because I love truth
and do my homework
the US Military predict an oil crunch beween now and 2015
the World Bank also predict an oil crunch between now and 2015
so do others
50 years
we don't have 5 years

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Good information for those who don't know what NanoTech is.

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Shopping cart - two men - 50 miles an hour?
Two 28-year-old men in Sydney, NSW, Australia, found a shopping cart and decided to take it for a ride just after midnight. Robin Wahlgren rode inside while his friend stood on the back to steer down the hill. Police estimate the trolly was going about 80 kph (50 mph) when they crossed into the oncoming lane and hit a car, which was running at the 60 kph (37 mph) speed limit. “The person in the shopping trolley died at the scene,” says Detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate. “The other male has numerous injuries, [and is] currently at hospital in a serious but stable condition.” Wahlgren was a student from Sweden; his unnamed friend had arrived from Sweden a week earlier to visit him. (RC/Sydney Morning Herald) ...Next time remember, “Volvo: For Life.”

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I love this quote

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Great quotes - here is one that I like:
"Love in its most genuine sense, can only flourish if it is FREE. We, as people, can only flourish if we are free."

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Lightning Bugs are cannibals?
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