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Ultra Street Fighter IV Horror Costume Highlights
Tiger clown horn! Street Fighter V might be right around the corner, but the crazy costume packs for its predecessor are far from over. Available now for every platform under the sun, the Ultra Street Fighter IV Horror Costume DLC packs have to be my favori...

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Castle Geek-Skull's Halloween Dummy Shenanigans
Oh, hello there. I've been spending quite a lot of time with family this year. While it's often firmly in serious business territory, a bit of fun rears its heads now and then. The best example I could possibly provide lies firmly on the shoulders of the ha...

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Castle Geek-Skull's Super Important Pumpkin Spice Oreo Review
Time to go all out with some serious health food, kids! Pumpkin Spice Oreos are here to grace grocery store shelves yet again! I never spotted them during their initial run in the 2014 Halloween season, and I assumed I may have missed out entirely. Not one ...

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10 G.I. Joe Figures Perfect For Halloween
G.I. Joooooooooeeeeeeee From the 1980s on, the G.I. Joe franchise has been built on a unique combination of military and sci-fi design sensibilities. Even so, plenty of Halloween-appropriate elements tend to slip through the cracks. In keeping with the spir...

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Transformers Combiner Wars Silverbolt Toy Review
Don't look down...don't look down... It's been over a freakin' year since we were given our first glimpse of the initial Transformers Combiner Wars line-up, and Silverbolt has remained firmly atop my wishlist ever since. Alongside his wave-mate Optimus Prim...

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Transformers Combiner Wars Optimus Prime Toy Review
That's just Prime! It turns out there are three sure things in life: death, taxes, and a constant stream of new Optimus Prime toys . One of the latest from Hasbro has the iconic Autobot leader shoehorned into 2015's Combiner Wars assortment. Thanks to the f...

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The Music Of Final Fantasy Has Always Been Wonderful
"Final" Like many, one of my favorite elements of the Final Fantasy franchise has always been its music. I'm enamored with the soundtrack to FFVI in particular. That was the first game soundtrack I truly fell in love with , and as such, it's the one I revis...

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Weekly Want - Premium Format Darkseid, Super Robot Wars, & More!
Darkseid is...expensive . We may be in a bit of a pre-SDCC funk as far as huge reveals go, but "ooh" and "ah"-worthy product images are always trickling out here and there. The recurring theme of the week seemed to be official shots of previously-teased ite...

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The Transformers Brand Had A Strong Showing At Toy Fair 2015!
Looks like he can deal with it now, ho ho ho . I'm almost certainly biased in the matter, but I'm of the firm belief that the Transformers brand completely stole the show at Toy Fair 2015. In effort to prolong my robot-fueled high as long as possible, I'm g...
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