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If you have not watched all of Game of Thrones yet.

I am still pretty pissed that Jon Snow is dead., and that bitch Cercei is still alive. That Red priestess woman better bring him back.
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Another nailart design I tried the other day while re-watching season 1 of Penny Dreadful, one of my new favorite shows. Hence the blood red thing I think. They are fun but kind of more work than I usually think it will take. Today I am playing with opals but just now they are neked nails. :)
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Dang Amy,thought you were in Northern California.A hope and a prayer on the Mighty California Mojave Desert Wind from our home to you darling. 
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Just spreading the post hopefully this guy can find his RV and get the folks who stole it. via +Phil Haultain  for +Richard Pino 
Hey guys. My RV was stolen and I need eyes on the look out. 1988 Rexhall Airex, white color. 28 feet in length. CA license 2LMU729. Bike rack in the back with pink fuzzy bike possibly still attached.
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Damm Amy, hope friends get it back in one piece! From your friend Bug, from a while back.
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Via +Kathryn Huxtable  I signed.
Bayer is suing the European Commission for a ban on their pesticides

Bayer has just sued the European Commission to overturn a ban on the pesticides that are killing millions of bees around the world. A huge public push won this landmark ban only months ago -- and we can't sit back and let Big Pesticide overturn it while the bees vanish.

Calling EVERYONE to sign this petition and share it far and wide! We can't afford to lose the bees!!!
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I think they should let us eat pot better then eating any pill
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Now that is FUNNY! Lol!
This made I laugh #starwars  and #lego  fans,

Happily stolen from +Laura Topliffe 
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For a non make up gal it is an odd new artistic passion but, stuck in bed all day it is one I can do right here in my bed. I have gotten into nail art. I am fortunate to be able to easily grow long nails so I have been decorating them lately. Here is a fun one I did though, I do wish I had gotten a bit better picture of them. These have been my favorite so far. They really caught the light. :)
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So pretty! I got into nails for the same reason! Lol 😊
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Just whipped this up and thought it might be appreciated here.
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It is only an argument if I am trying to convince others to see it my way. I am not, I simply see it my way and do not feel obligated, nor do I feel others are obligated to agree. I have family and friends of different faiths and it is perfectly okay with me to disagree and see things differently. I do not feel the need to convert anyone to my way of thinking. It it a shame about all the atrocities that have occurred in the name of religions but my religious friends and family are not responsible for those things. Besides, it is not the religion I would hold against them if they were, but the actions themselves. I am disgusted about all the atrocities committed in the name of freedom too, but I do not blame the concept of freedom for it. 
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Just curious how others with PTSD as well as professionals in the field have to say about this. Personally, it helps me sleep and more importantly, I cannot recall my dreams the next day. I have very disturbing dreams and it really makes an enormous difference in my days to have restful, seemingly dreamless sleep.
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I agree 150% with +John Burik, and would add this question: Why would anyone settle for symptom massaging when you can get actual treatment and thus remove the symptoms permanently? The idea of smoking pot the rest of one's life to relieve symptoms of PTSD just makes NO sense to me whatsoever. 

I take issue with much of the article at the link:

* PTSD is NOT, repeat NOT, a physical injury. It is a type of disordered learning, for which, not to surprisingly, we can see some evidence in the brain.

* The article offers us a brain section comparison (from a scan of some sort, I presume), but tells us nothing about what it means or where it comes from. That's shoddy journalism, if we can call this journalism at all.

* PTSD is referred to as a "wound". In any normal sense of the word, this simply isn't true, and suggests that this writer is steeped in the myopic PTSD-culture which I've encountered so many times in connection with professionals and non-professionals in the military. They too often insist on promoting their own non-evidence-based ideas about PTSD, which often are at odds with the American Psychiatric Association as well as the preponderance of us who deal with the majority of PTSD in this country: civilian PTSD, predominantly in women. The military does not "own" PTSD, does not get to define it, nor stipulate for the larger world what is and is not well-validated treatments for it.

* The clear focus of this article is on finding a medication to "treat" PTSD. Again, this is popular idea in the military, but few speak of this elsewhere. Why? Because, once again, PTSD is a disorder of learning, pure a simple. A medication for THAT just makes no sense.

I'm ok with the notion that pot may moderate PTSD symptoms. I'm absolutely NOT ok with the idea that pot is an alternative to getting it treated using the well-validated treatments we already have. (see:

Do you want morphine - only - for your broken leg, or would you like it set so it can heal and you can resume normal life? That the choice you have with PTSD. I know which option I'd take, in a New York Minute.
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Amy “Swampeye Landpirate” Sorrell

Patients in the Picture #PatientsinthePicture  - 
I just found out that a very amazing person, my mentor, has passed away. Richard M. Davis was a pioneer for the legalization of hemp as well as a collector and keeper of hemp history. He was responsible for The USA Hemp Museum, many books on the subject and one of the best growers on the planet. The knowledge he imparted to me enriched me greatly and the world has genuinely just lost an important individual. Visit to see his legacy he left for us. Safe travels Richard, RIP
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+Amy Sorrell I'm so sorry to hear of Richard M. Davis passing. May he R.I.P.  
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Thank you for the invite, I truly believe the only way we will survive ourselves is by implementing this plant on every level, both to survive the industrial revolution as well as to re awaken the spiritual revolution, and to help those with illnesses and disorders have more quality of life.
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thank you.  i am working hard to lift the level of posting up. For patients, by patient. 
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WTF is a tagline? ;)-~
I went by the nick name The Sativa Diva for many years playing my pot songs in the hopes of educating people about the benefits of Cannabis. I helped the campaign to legalize it for CHI as well as Prop 215, both in California, by playing for the rallies, gathering signatures and whatever else I could do. Also, I  played my folk and roll music for many years on the West coast of the US from Seattle to San Diego at coffee shops and festivals. I am a regular attendant of the Rainbow Family Gatherings. I lived in a VW with bumper stickers all over it for over a decade, travelling and playing songs and then retreated to the mountains of California, built a recording studio and grew some awesome medical cannabis (after it was legalized, of course) for over a decade as well. I am a free spirit and really do intend light and love for the good of all. No matter what society says I am proud of these things I have done and would do them again. :-)-~ Suck that NSA
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I played Seattle Hempfest Gasworks Park in front of 30,000 people. I was not even on the list but was travelling with a bunch of their speakers. Biggest crowd I ever played for...what a rush.
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