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First max's grandad passed away
then the european tour dates got cancelled
then there's rumour that the management is dropping TW because of WOM fail
then there's rumour that they're breaking up
AND now Nathan's grandad passed away !
This fandom is the strongest and the one that has been through the most but still sticks together like a family !
And do u know why ? Cause we're more than just fans ...we're more than just a fandom ! WE"RE FANMILY AND I Love You guys ! Don't give up on our boys !

Hand in hand we walk together
We can make it through the stormy together
We can go through it all together , do it all TOGETHER ! :3

isn't this a community for fans of The Wanted ?  :)

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+Tasnim Jahan how about this one ? a little old but still good

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and the feud goes on :)

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FOR YOU!!!.........
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