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Clearly, neither the PM nor any of her ministers have taken any time to actually read the submission and have given no consideration whatsoever to the scientific evidence presented by top UK Neurologist, Professor Mike Barnes's bar setting paper nor the output from the 623 medicinal cannabis patients from United Patients Alliance's survey.

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How can you help United Patients Alliance?

Here's how - Get in touch now!

#CannabisisMedicine   #UPA   #EndOurPain  

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I met with Norman Lamb MP and had a very productive day

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Our Political Director, Jonathan Liebling went to see Norman Lamb MP to discuss CBD, Cannabis and Mental Health.

The meeting went VERY well:

#CannabisisMedicine #UPA

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Since the APPG Report on Cannabis as a Medicine was published all the way to No 10 Downing Street - NOW is a perfect time to write to your MP asking for a considered response to its findings and recommendations:

Please send ALL responses to

#UPA   #CannabisisMedicine   #EndOurPain   #LetUsGrow  

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On #13September, United Patients Alliance will publish the results of our 600+ Cohort Patient Survey. Questions like these will have some answers:

What proportion of patients source cannabis by growing their own?
What conditions are patients treating with cannabis?
How effective is cannabis vs prescription medications?
What types and strengths of cannabis do our patients prefer?
What gender differences in conditions and consumption are there?


#13September #CannabisisMedicine #APPG #EndOurPain #UPA

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WE are VERY excited to announce:
On #13September, the All-Party Parliamentary Group supported by #EndOurPain and United Patients Alliance will publish its report and recommendations following its inquiry into:

“the case for changing the categorisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes from Schedule 1 to a more appropriate Schedule”

Please SHARE
#CannabisisMedicine #UPA

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My personal response to the cracking report from the Expert Panel for Cannabis Regulation:

"Clearly, the expert panel and this report would have benefited from some input from the consumer stakeholder group......whilst this report is pragmatic and  cautious, it represents the most significant progress that the those calling for cannabis legalisation in the UK have seen in decades, and should be applauded and supported"

Do share, please.

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Great piece by Alex Cavendish of Prison UK - An Insider's View.........

"Judging by the failure of the so-called global war on drugs over decades, the prospects for success do not appear very positive. What is certain, however, is that there is no end in sight to the drug-fuelled crisis wreaking havoc across our prison system."
High as a Kite - Behind Bars
Back in July 2014 I started blogging on the subject of so-called ‘legal highs’ in prison (read post here ). Since then, the issue has come to dominate media coverage of our increasingly dysfunctional prison system. Spice up your life... visit a hospital Rec...
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