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Trip Galey
Halfway between Chris Hardwick and Oscar Wilde.
Halfway between Chris Hardwick and Oscar Wilde.

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How spy-fi is this? Just get it down to contact lens capability and blammo! Instant field medic.

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I could most certainly use a faster computer! :)

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This is kind of amazing. Solar panels made from waste grass clippings? Wahey cheap solar power! Obv. there are still some kinks to work out to make it fully practical/worthwhile, but you have to admire the science in making it work at all.

My desktop computer is clearly on its last legs. (I'm writing this from my laptop) It's been trying to catch up with the typing I've done on a business e-mail for the past...three minutes and counting. Hamstrung! I am being hamstrung by decrepit technology!

I can't even complain. I KNEW that when I got an HP it would be trouble, but I had this awesome voucher that let me get a brand new, "top of the line" desktop for $300. It was too good a deal to resist. Anyone else ever have this problem? :-)

Now, I'm counting the budgetary days until that new Mac is in my financial sights...
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