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"Leonard Cohen, a Canadian-born poet, songwriter and singer, whose intensely personal lyrics exploring themes of love, faith, death and philosophical longing made him the ultimate cult artist, and whose enigmatic song “Hallelujah” became a celebratory anthem recorded by hundreds of artists, died Nov. 7. He was 82."--WaPo

"In late September, a separate Mirai attack on French webhost OVH broke the record for largest recorded DDoS attack. That DDoS was at least 1.1 terabits per second (Tbps), and may have been as large as 1.5 Tbps"

Marissa Mayer has a very bad case of the stupids: "According to the former Yahoo executive that Business Insider spoke to, Yahoo's culture of secrecy and its prioritization of other business goals led to troubling security practices that made it much more difficult for Yahoo to defend from hackers"

"These merchants of mendacity should pay for their crimes the same way anyone else would - by returning any wealth that was earned from fraud, by facing financial penalties and/or doing jail time where appropriate, and with the loss of public respect and status that comes with being a repeat criminal offender"

Another former teller, Rebecca Lewis, said she saw unauthorized accounts -- especially credit cards -- opened when she was hired in March 2009 in Idaho. Her attempts to flag the issue by calling the ethics hotline backfired, echoing allegations other former workers who say they were retaliated against. "Wells Fargo has been a hazard to the public for a long time," Lewis said.

"At a time of growing inequality, and at the height of an ugly presidential campaign, Stumpf and Bresch couldn’t have done more to persuade Americans that everything’s rigged"

Money Quote: Warren told Stumpf he should “give back the money you took while this scam was going on and you should be criminally investigated by both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

"Aside from the fired worker bees, the only parties being punished are Wells Fargo shareholders. That $185 million fine, plus lost business and legal costs, reduces their asset value ... Worse, the regulators who should protect the public will do nothing to stop the similar misconduct that is surely happening at other large banks. There’s never just one cockroach."
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