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Christmas Crib!
Welcome to this episode of Christmas Cribs! We're totally kidding, we just like to tease Bre because she has a kicka¡¿ house!!! We had the the pleasure of showing Studio 5 around Bres humble Christmas Cottage ;) and thought you might like a peek! Merry Chri...

We are having some technical difficulties with our blog- Check back later today for tutorials and pics. Check out our Instagram account at Chikkaboomdesign. Merry Christmas!

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Witchy Witch Heels How To!
How cute is the is fun project?! Things you will need: * an old pair of heels * paper *painters or masking tape * fabric * hot glue gun First we wrapped our paper around the tip of the toe and secured it with tape. This gives your shoe an over exaggerated p...

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Last Minute Halloween Decor Tricks!
With School and Sports and LIFE I imagine most of us are running out of time for everything! So we threw together a couple of Fast and Fun Halloween Decor tips to get you feeling more on top of things! We glued some sticks we found in the yard around a few ...

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Halloween is when all the fun holiday decorating starts! We LOVE it! My home is all decked out and ready for all that Halloween fun to begin! Studio 5 just filmed a fun segment on my old haunted home and we had a blast!

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Its all about the BOO!
Here's a few ideas to get you going! We love Halloween maybe more than Christmas.... Maybe...... Probably not.... ya we for sure do...... anyhow I have a little boy that is turning five soon and he may love Halloween more than anyone on the planet.  He cuts...

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Banner Mania!
So we were convinced that the banner was a fast fad, but we've turned it around and reinvented them! What makes these banners so much fun is the different sayings and textures! Go for it, it doesn't have to be perfect! Find what you love and what you have a...

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Studio 5 Window Display Challenge
Our friends at  Studio 5  gave us another FUN decorating challenge! So what's the challenge? Decorate using inspiration from department store window displays! This is the window we picked! So we gathered all our string and went to town on these projects! In...

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Horse Book End How To
So I have been seeing animal book ends EVERYWHERE! And they are fabulous, but they are at least 60 bucks! (Why spend that when you can make it?!) I have had this Barbie horse since I was little, all I did was cut it in half with a chop saw. Then I cut a few...

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Here's a few Halloween ideas for you if you haven't got going yet, or are still adding like me! This year I decided not to glitter or paint anything. I've just been loving the natural colors of these gorgeous pumpkins. On my mantel I went for simple and did pastels like squash and white pumpkins- it gives it a modern touch! These pics don't really do it justice, but you get the idea. The copper trays I got at an estate sale- they were Nast! But cleaned up they are beautiful and also give me that modern touch. This weekend is my annual Halloween dinner- we are going with a skeletons theme, I'm super excited! Pics on the blog of that soon. Keep you're heads up, don't let the stress of life drag you down. Have fun with your family this amazing October, cherish the colors, the laughs and the everyday chaos. Luvs- BRE
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