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Hey GPlussers, did you take a look at our Making Sense project yet? #themakingsenseproject #makingsenseproject #makingsense

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Hey guys! Studio Sat Nam now has a G+ page. Show some love!
#studiosatnam #kundaliniyoga #yoga #yyc
Welcome to our Google + page. Please note that our videos will be available fem this page moving forward. Just click on the YouTube menu to access them.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Google +!

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Another good tip from Moose Petersen.
This WILL change how you clean your sensor as the fear, pain and anguish are now ALL GONE! So is the dust!

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Very nice work by +Peshang Hasan . My kind of contrast :)

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Well done!

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Wake Up

Scientists reckon anywhere between 150 and 200 species go extinct each day.

Work on the basis of a mean average of 175 a day this means we lose:-

1225 a week
5,308 a month
63,700 a year
And should I be lucky enough to live to the average age of a western male of 75 years then in my lifetime some 4,777500 species will be lost.

Just how barren will the land be we leave to future generations be?

Is it about time we woke up?

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learning the photography lingo

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being surrounded by snow make me feel contrasty... here's some b&w inspiration:

Leica monochrome... 
for the viewer in you: Leica Monochrom Hands-On Field Test
for the reader in you:

b&w street photography:

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