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Speak the Word or Wait?
This is hard to write. I feel like since I have stepped foot in Uganda I have had a wrestling in my soul. I have had lots of thoughts all along this process, but they never seem to be complete thoughts. Last time I was here I felt like writing was so helpfu...

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Here We Go Again
I think that sometimes blogs are pretty self centered. Why would people care as much about my life as I do? And honestly they don't. Or they do. They don't care as much as I do (after all it is my life- I should probably care a lot about it), but they love ...

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Making up for lost time...
The phrase "making up for lost time" never meant much to me. Then Jonathan. We lost experiencing 6 months of his life with him. I've realized you cannot make up for lost time. Nothing will ever get us those 6 months back. When I stop to think about all that...

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Refreshing Grace
Two weeks ago I got the AMAZING opportunity to attend an adoption retreat. It is called Created for Care, and it was 450 adoptive moms at a beautiful location for a weekend of refreshment, encouragement, fellowship, and no dishes or kids.  Going into the we...
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