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Poplin fabric is also woven with plain weave. Compared with the plain fabric is different, its density and weft ratio is generally 1.8 ~ 2.2: 1. Due to being obviously larger than the weft density, the surface of the fabric is formed by the warp yarn raised part of the diamond-shaped grain. Weaving poplin fabric, commonly used cotton or polyester cotton special yarn.

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The common feature of plain fabric is that weaved by plain weave based most fabric manufacturer, the density of warp and weft yarns is the same as or similar to the density of warp and weft yarns in the fabric. According to the thickness of the warp and weft yarns, it can be divided into coarse cloth, medium cloth and fine cloth.
The usual specification is: C 32X32 68X68
(1) Coarse cloth, also known as coarse cloth, mostly made of pure cotton yarn.

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