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Pectus Excavatum is a fancy medical term for "funnel chest", when your breast bone or sternum sink in to your chest. I have had several patients who have had breast augmentation for this procedure. You can see the indentation of the sternum- And you can see it's really hard to see after a breast augmentation.

This patient had a breast gold incision, 425 cc silicone gel, smooth, round breast implants placed under the muscle. The muscle near the sternum under the skin and breast tissue can be a little abnormal and thin, so it's important to be careful with the muscular dissection during that portion of the case.

This patient is thrilled, because she can wear normal clothing and not worry about her breast plate anymore.

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In Brazil, a large implant is about 350 cc. In the US, 500 cc is slightly large but within normal limits of a breast augmentation.

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Hoje, a escolha foi 500ml. ⚪️⚪️. Como sabemos, o padrão de beleza das mamas por aqui é um pouco maior do que no Brasil.
Doc @drroykim , assim como eu, também utiliza implantes Mentor da Johnsons 🔝🔝🔝😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Learning Never Exhausts the Mind- Leonard Da Vinci

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Thai is the office staff of Dr. Roy Kim. We always have fun when he is busy operating and we get shipments of Botox- We can use the dry ice to chill out fave adult beverages. Today, we decided it's Tequila Thursday- So have a virtual margarita on us!

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#tbt- Often on medical missions, everyone ha to improvise and multi-task to help out in the OR. Here, Krristie is working as a scrub nurse even though she's usually a recovery room nurse. She has her own unique style of passing the #15 blade to me. #medicalmission #blantyre #malawi #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cleftlip #cleftpalate #scrubtech #scrubnurse #nurse #operatingroom @operation_of_hope
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Sharron Davies and her Botox use for several decades - #botox #sharrondavies #olympian
Sharron, 53, said she started having the cosmetic procedures in her late thirties and has also had a boob job
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If you have trigeminal neuralgia, one side of your face is in constant pain. In the distant past, you would just suffer and take pain medication.

In the not so distant past, you could "sclerose" the nerve, which means you would inject the nerve with some liquid to destroy it- Leading to a whole host of other problems, residual pain and numbness issues, and a possible loss of other facial motions.

Dr. Janetta believed that by decompressing the tiny blood vessels around the cranial nerve near the brain, you could permanently relieve the pain. Most people thought he was crazy- until he proved it and did the procedure, and his patients no longer had pain.

Then, people thought he was crazy to do such a procedure on the brain purely for just pain relief. At the time, the thinking in neurosurgery was that would only do a craniotomy and actually look at the brain if you had a brain tumor or traumatic bleeding- You would never do a craniotomy just for pain relief. Dr. Janetta proved that an elective craniotomy could be safely done for pain relief, AND then he started making the actual hole so small that it was about the size of a half dollar, then a quarter.

I grew up across the street from him, and I knew he was sort of important, but didn't really comprehend what he was doing.

I went to medical school att he University of Pittsburgh, where he was Chairman of Neurosurgery- And that's when I realized that his work was life changing. On the neurosurgery elective, he had patients and visiting neurosurgeons from around the world. His post op patients were so grateful to be rid of the pain that magically went away after his microvascular decompression. It was an honor as a medical student to watch his operations- And meet his patients.

Dr. Janetta also played squash- And he usually beat met in the several matches we played. He had a good topspin.

He had a large family with amazing kids, and he will be missed. RIP Dr. Janetta, and my prayers go to him and his family.

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What would you do on vacation? If you're a plastic surgeon, you contact your IG friend and hang out in he OR! It's an honor to meet @drgiulianoborille in person! We had fun talking about the similarities and differences in plastic surgery in the US and Brazil. Please follow him on IG. If you're in Porto Alegre, look him up for your procedure!

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There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. - Louis L'Amour

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#tbt to when I was in Blantyre, Malawi, with @operation_of_hope to do some cleft lip surgery. Often, the smiles on the mothers are bigger than the smiles on the patients.

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1- Those crazy people in San Francisco
2- I will now offer "ganja Botox" to reduce pain during the injection procedure
3- "ganja pain control after plastic surgery" is now on the table.

Article is here-

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