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Craig Clark
Pirate Wannabe, vocalist, occasional RPG'er, gamer, and generally clueless
Pirate Wannabe, vocalist, occasional RPG'er, gamer, and generally clueless

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From the judges chair at the Capitol.

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"Orbital Mechanics"

Games that I desperately want but will never be able to have time for because I have kids: Arma 3, anything in the Total War series, Civilization, pacman.


We bought a bunk bed to keep the kids off the spider overrun floors. We'd been putting it off due to finances, but a big sale and a generous gift allowed us the purchase.

So. Last night this box arrives from Vietnam. Its banged up all to hell and is heavy as sin but we get it downstairs and I pop the remaining tape.

There it is in all its glory. Now its solid wood, and its decently designed. It also has no instructions.

Begin the three hour assembly where in halfway through the build the star key strips out and I switch to a star screwdriver and start stripping out the screw heads instead. :-(

After a few disassemblies to move a part around and noting that the thing had to have sat in a ware house for a few years judging by tag and wood condition, I'm expecting the kids to be crushed horribly tonight when they try it for the first time.

But it looks nice, so that's good.

We've been living in a renovated basement for several months now and its gotten to the point of all out war with the house spiders. The area is shady and humid perfect for bugs and crawlies, and with the back rooms unfinished and left open the spiders are a constant stream.

We have two varieties, neither poisonous. The wolf spider, a few of which gave been over an inch in body length, and a type of spider I hqve trouble identifying... very long legs, tiny body, and perfersto build cobwebby webs in the ceiling corners. Usually I'm a live and let live guy. I don't enjoy killing a spider, when though I have an intense fear of them, but every day there's a new one of each and the kids sleep on the floor. (Japanese)

Big spiders and small children shall not meet. So when found they are smoshed. Bad carma be damned. And they show up everywhere.

The other night my fiance suprised a big wolf in the bathroom and it scuttled into a crack. The next morning we turned on the shower to warm it up and then found him huddled in a corner out of direct spray, soaking wet andd undoubtedly cursing through his tiny fangs. Then we got in and found a big web spider in the corner.

They do have entertainment value. The place is tiled so the right suprise will sent big spiders flailing cartoon style for lack of traction. Or the shouts of my fiance when she goes after a particularly live spider...

"He's a big one!"
(Sound of shoe) "THWACK!"
THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK (and on down the hall)

And its not like they aren't useful. Somethings got to eat the two inch roaches that get in because the cat won't have anything to do with them.

All in all I'd to withou it I could. I'm all about spiders, just not where I can see them.
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