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Leon Godwin
Photographer, Musician, Guy form North Carolina.
Photographer, Musician, Guy form North Carolina.

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I just made my short film from the Avett Brother's NYE show public, have a look.

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Meet Coyote.

Mayhap you've met the Trickster before. They say he goes by many names, or has, over the years: Loki, Maui, Anansi, Eshu, Legba. But I know better. He taught all THOSE tricksters HOW to trick. He showed Prometheus how to light a Zippo with one hand, right off the jeans. Rather more elegant than how the old Titan passed the buck onto us, that is, tossing a flaming sock into a den of slumbering cavemen. Kept the lighter for himself, he did. But Coyote still got the joke on him — never told him where to get lighter fluid. And then of course, Prometheus got fingered for the sock job, and they stuck him with the whole eagle-eating-out-his-entrails-daily punishment for eternity...that's pretty much classic Coyote for you.

So yeah, if you meet him, aware. Sometimes he'll be hanging out and the worst that happens is he drinks half your good scotch and bums cigarettes all night. Coyote has been known to go thru periods of boredom? Depression? Laziness? Whatever it is, sometimes he just lays low. But Coyote is a trickster at heart, THE Trickster, and eventually he's going to take you for a ride on the Prank Wagon. And generally speaking, you won't see it coming. Or know what hit you.

I've been on the receiving end of Coyote', more than once. I'll tell you all about it, in time, but for now, you should know that most of his antics are all in good fun. HIS fun, mind you. He's got any number of harmless pranks and jokes that he may play, but also some rather nasty ones too. Let's just say he can have a misplaced sense of humor. I like poop jokes as much as the next person, but there's some things that are just plain sick...

And the mind games! It's not always just hot sauce in the coffee or hair removal cream in your shampoo; if he really wants some shit to go down, he will trick you into doing whatever pleases him. A penchant for fecal humor doesn't mean he's a simpleton; quite the opposite actually. Coyote's been around. Like, forever.
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