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October Ghosts is Closed...for now!
Another terrifying season of October Ghosts is over and I have to say Fall 2014 was really one of the best since I started this crazy writing exercise.   At the end of the October 2014, I had written 17 brand new tales - totalling 64,000 words/295 pages.  A...

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No. 29
Before the great wild fire took out
the northeastern side of the park, a legend had persisted for nearly forty
years. This legend is one that you would find in any town or commonwealth.  Legends like these pop up just as fast ones that are destroyed by a wi...

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Halloween Bonus Round - Crushkillers (by guest contributor Melissa Underwood)
Itch itch itch.  A driving, maddening poison oak itch on a hot summer afternoon, the sweating guilty priest kind, a sensation that was driving Allison mad with grief. It was not passing or fleeting after being scratched; like the sun fleets during late Sept...

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Larry Lives! (by guest contributor David Caprita)
“Lazarus is not available right
now.   I’m sorry, but he’s not
seeing anyone.” Lazarus opened his eyes to the
black void of his room.   He silently
listened to his mother’s voice at the front door.   He could hear the soft protest of the stranger,
begging t...

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I Remember My Death
Yesterday, I read a story posted
about how a three-year-old girl remembered being a “bad man.” She
wasn’t remembering a bad man or a scary movie - no, she remembered being a bad man - in a past life.  Normally, I am
amused by these stories, normally it does...

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Saturday Flashback - Vista Point
have been working with the Cambria Police Department for over fifteen years. You’re
right when you think that a small town cop doesn’t have much to do in
comparison with other California cops. But we are required to make sure that
those rare of dark messe...

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Parched - Conclusion (by guest contributor Shoshana Hebshi)
J.R. came to in his bed. The room
was dimly lit, the curtains pulled tight. Betsy sat in her vanity chair across
the room. Dr. Clark’s head was bowed toward J.R.’s chest, and he was moving his
stethoscope across different areas of J.R.’s chest and abdomen. ...

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Parched (by guest contributor Shoshana Hebshi)
John Ramos Dyke shuffled across the
sandy expanse of his field. The rows of spindly cotton plants baked in the
heat, their leaves brown and wilted, their branches stunted. They were on the
brink. J.R., as most in the county called
him, knelt down to fondle ...

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The Clasp and Whisper (by guest contributor Matt Duggan)
Barbara and Tom Watkins live very
comfortable lives. Every year they select a room in their home to undergo a
renovation. Their two children, Claire and Lillian, twins, will graduate from
college in three months. Barbara works at her leisure as a yoga instr...

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The Tangled Knot*
was dreaming about the boat again. Every few months, he would find himself in
the fishing vessel from his childhood, floating in the middle of Lake Esther.
There was no paddles in this boat, nor was there an engine. Without a thought
of how he would...
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