Shooting Techniques

HDR : The Hive Mind |-| 6 Tips For Shooting Handheld HDR, written by +Elia Locardi

360° Photography : Take 360° Photographs, written by +Michelle Marie

Black and White : Creation of a black and white photograph, written by +Olivier Du Tré : 5 Black and White Photography Tips, written by +Fashion Photographers

portraits : 35 Child Portraiture Tips, written by +Jan H. Andersen : How to take great portraits of your pets, written by +Lisa Bettany : Small tip on how to work with children, written by +Alex Koloskov

fashion photography : Lighting tips for fashion photography, written by +Fashion Photographers : Digital Fashion Photography Tips, written by +Fashion Photographers

Vintage Photography : Tips for Becoming a Vintage Photography Expert, written by +Fashion Photographers

Macro Photography : 5 Quick Flower Macro Photography Tips, written by +Lisa Bettany

Long Exposures : Night Photography: A Guide on How to Shoot Long Exposures, written by +Lisa Bettany : Long Exposure, When, Why And How, written by +Mike Shaw

Fireworks : Fireworks Tutorial, written by +Dirk Heindoerfer

Other Techniques : Bubbles on items(Looks like the item is frozen), written by +Alex Koloskov
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