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I wish Carl was still with us.
I believe this is from the Cosmos series, I still watch them all the time.
He forgot to mention that some books from millennia ago are just that thought and perceptions of another thrust upon you the reader. Think about it!
.... and that is why I lay hands on every book authored by Carl Sagan. Love his popular science writing; its just magnificent how he brings science to the lay-man.
See "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," a 3D documentary (Werner Herzog) of a fairly recently discovered cave in France covered with the most amazing paintings. Made over 30,000 years ago. So that's the world record, hands down, for communications that bind together people who never knew each other, distant epochs, etc.
And the sad thing is, people my age say reading books are sooo last year, and I'm just soo curios why they'd say that. My class mates aren't the smartest students, they could improve better in reading.
I prefer reading digital. I can get hundreds of books for free at the press of a button. :)
Very true at +Cassandra Van Hout however, there is nothing that compares to the smell of a new book or even an old book for that matter or the feel of the pages as you glide your hand over them or the little dents of the letters in the paper left by the printing press or the feel and smell of the leather cover in your hands, these sensory delights are what make reading such a pleasure and joy.
+Vera Wolf While I enjoy the smell of a good book, I imagine also the trees that could be saved by going electronic. It would be a great way to reduce our impact on the environment. Instead of a thousand books of the same kind, in different homes, sitting on the shelf waiting to be read, we could have just a few copies in libraries. They could then be read multiple times a year by various people. :)
+Vera Wolf I see. I just like to discuss things thoroughly. Helps me to think about it from multiple perspectives. :)
There is such a thing as over analysing something to the point nobody gives a shit.
Great thought from the great man! Knowledge, thoughts, information .. whether printed on a book or digitized, or for that matter, in any form, is always wonderful to read, know, understand. Each and every medium humankind has invented to carry forward them, is a fantastic gift to us!

Books, especially, are the most wonderful of them surely. I do read digitized versions more often, but, holding a real book in your hand and reading through the pages and connecting with the author and the thoughts, is always a wonderful experience. It somehow makes you more close to the author this way than reading a digitized version. Sadly though, book reading is becoming an art form itself, I think. Nevertheless, real Books would always remain the source of knowledge we need to advance to a more and more digitized world! Books are timeless!
so true, books are amazing in so many ways
@ +R Vest “Excellence can be obtained if you: more than others think is wise;
...risk more than others think is safe;
...dream more than others think is practical;
...expect more than others think is possible.”
very true.. the book is soooo cool
With respect, the common thread you reach for is one you chose to touch.
I feel amazing when I 'm surrounded by the books. It gives me peace, respect and true meaning of life.
Who's this Carl Sagan anyway? He should write a few books himself before he goes mouthing off about how good they #thatwasajokebtw
Carl Sagan is my favorite scientist, he could be somewhere in the vastness of space.
I read it with his voice in my head too.
a brilliant man from humble roots
The voices in my head are from books? :) Great quote thought
What would Carl Sagen think about 3-D Printing?
Much as I agree with the sentiment of the quote I can dispel all "magic" instantly.
Its very important to have reading habbit to improve knowledge
wao! this is beautiful, books are like arrows that are shot to a target passing through the clouds of time.
Now thats an intellectual mind.
"...speaking to you inside your head..."

Sound like the definition of insanity.

The voices in my head made me do it...
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