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Alexandra Guilfoyle
Doctor Who freak.
Doctor Who freak.

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1984 Style and Theme
Theme: 1. Intimidation - the posters all over the place that say "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" 2. Hate - "hate week" for Emmanuel Goldstein 3. Love/sex - Winston's constant battle with his feelings for Julia 4. Betrayal - "traitors to Big Brother" 5. Corrup...

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Style and Theme in 1984
The style of 1984 varies with each part. In some parts, the sentences are choppy. In other parts, the sentences are very long and detailed, almost giving too much detail at some parts.

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Invisible Man Blog
Invisible Man  by Ralph Ellison is about the life of a black man. I really didn't enjoy this novel at all. I found it boring, hard-to-fol...
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