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Google to Revise Search Rankings to Downplay Fake News, Hate Speech | April 25, 2017
Fake news | Google | Information searching by Wayne Rash NEWS ANALYSIS: Google says it will downgrade the search rank of websites
that show a clear pattern of distributing fake news, hate speech or
deliberately misleading information. By now you’re famili...

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Meet the 13-Year-Old Pakistani Girl on a Mission to Read the World | April 24, 2017
Reading | Books | World Book Day | Literature Celebrating World Book Day Every Day A year ago, 12-year-old Aisha Esbhani,
sitting in her home in Karachi, Pakistan, looked up at her bookshelf and
realized that it was filled almost entirely with books by No...

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Tips for Donating Old Books Without Being A Jerk | by Peter Derk 03-27-2017
Books | Libraries | Donations   I work at two places that accept donations of used books: a library and
a bookstore that serves as a front for a non-profit. Okay, the
bookstore funds the non-profit. It’s not a “front.” But “front” sounds more crime-y and ...

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How to Read a Whole Damn Book Every Week | by Kevin Nguyen
Books | Reading | Tips It may sound difficult, but the secret to reading a book every week is to not be precious about it.     Every year, I read over a hundred books. This
means I polish off somewhere between two and three books a week. I'm not
saying th...

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Opening of UN files on Holocaust will 'rewrite chapters of history' | Survivors walk in the former Nazi German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau Survivors visit the former Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in Poland on the anniversary of its liberation. Photograph: Kuba Ociepa/Agencja Gazeta/Reuters Shares 24,643 Owen Bowcott Legal affairs correspondent @owenbowcott Monday 17 April 2017 19.01 EDT
Holocaust | Archives | Jewish history | War crimes by Owen Bowcott Archive used in prosecution of Nazis reveals detailed evidence of death camps and genocide previously unseen by public Survivors visit the former Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in Poland on the ann...

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Anne Frank Who? Museums Combat Ignorance About the Holocaust | MARCH 21, 2017
Museums | Holocaust | Exhibitions By NINA SIEGAL Anne Frank in 1939, six years before her death. Credit Agence France-Presse — Getty Images      AMSTERDAM — “She hid Jews?” Aleatha
Hinds, 17, ventured a guess about Anne Frank’s identity as she waited
in l...

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We Are New Yorkers: A Reading List for NYC Immigrant Heritage Week | April 14, 2017
Reader's Advisory | Immigrants in the U.S. | NYPL Elizabeth Waters, Mid-Manhattan Library   Happy Immigrant Heritage Week ! Since 2004, New York City has celebrated Immigrant Heritage Week around April 17, coordinated by the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affa...

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10 Books I Wish My White Teachers Had Read | By Crystal Paul Apr 11 2016
African-American literature | Diversity | Blacks in the U.S. | Readers's Advisory   I can only remember having two nonwhite teachers during my time in
school. From my early years at underfunded public schools comprised
mostly of Black and Latino students ...

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Rebuilding Mosul's libraries book by book | 12 april 2017
Iraq | Archives | Manuscripts by Neveen Youssef Many of Mosul University's buildings were destroyed by IS When Islamic State (IS) militants
occupied Mosul University in June 2014, they set about destroying its
precious collection of manuscripts in a show ...

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James Baldwin’s Archive, Long Hidden, Comes (Mostly) Into View | April 12, 2017
Arts | American writers | African-American culture | Archives by JENNIFER SCHUESSLER A page from “The Amen
Corner,” a three-act play by James Baldwin, part of his personal papers
that are now at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Credit E...
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