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Disclaimer: Don't take ANYTHING I say seriously
Disclaimer: Don't take ANYTHING I say seriously

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So funny, a gun incident happens and gun control is the top of ALL headlines!
An illegal or dreamer murders or rapes someone and immigration control is MUMS THE WORD!

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So basically we turned into the season finale of Seinfeld.

How retarded is this? If I were her I would have just said "he used to pull this crap all the time and I Didn't REALLY think he was killing himself.

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Mad mad genius

I say this because it was the first thing I thought of to lol.

Going MEAN green bitches

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This just in, Comey testified...... nothing learned

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love the spin YAHOO put on this.

"what I support is making sure that we have an economy that is robust with low taxes and less regulations."

This is what I find so crazy is that we live in a consumerist society yet you all want the government to step in and fix it all.
Wake up a consumerist society means YOU have the power to make change. Stop buying from establishments that dont give employees the support you think they should have. I bet 90% of you all partake in these establishments. I bet 99% of you use amazon who is notorious for poor treatment of employees.
YET YOU ALL want to scream at the government for help, giving them more power and authority. You have the power and authority to make the change by supporting companies who treat their employees well over others, but hey youll all just come here and whine, then pat yourself on the back for saying "ugaa mugga bug, 15$ minimum wage!"
I understand the necessity of making enough money to live. I also understand the necessity of working hard and working up. The jobs these people are in making 5$ are more than likely fast food. Why not try to better yourselves. I come from a very low income
upbringing. I worked hard my entire life, I put MYSELF through school with my own money and loans. I went to a technical high school for a trade FIRST. I now used my degree to get a good job (worked full time and went to school), and my technical knowledge to repair my own rental properties. STOP asking the government for help or we venture from consumerist to communist. We take matters into our own hands and the companies have to meet us halfway or new companies arise. We use the government and all that happens is companies and jobs leave. You are biting your noses to spite your own faces.

now downvote me away since no one likes to hear the truth.

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Nevermind the food is over priced garbage

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