Tryouts and How To Make the School Team with video
Every year about this time, we start getting tons of questions about how one should prepare for tryouts and ultimately make the team. Most people think they need to go into their evaluations and dazzle the coaches with flashy ball handling and spectacular shots, but the reality is that most coaches are actually looking for completely different qualities in prospective players. Here's a quick rundown of what we, as coaches, look for when assembling our team (check out the video for more info):

1.Effort - This is potentially the most important quality coaches are looking for in their players. They want to know that you "lay it all out on the floor" and are putting in the extra effort to all aspects of your game. This might include: diving for loose balls, attacking rebounds, playing aggressive defense, etc. It will show the coach that you have HEART and are willing to sacrifice for your team. If you really want to stand out, this is where you'll make it happen.

2.Initiative - Having this quality shows the coach that you're willing to do the little things that (a) make his job easier (b) strengthen the team. If you're hustling between drills, out in front listening attentively, and gathering up the balls after the workout, you're setting an example for the rest of your teammates and taking the responsibility of your coach nagging you to do those things out of the equation. This not only puts you in a self-appointed leadership role, but we're willing to guess that your coach will see extra value in you as a player and will go out of his way to bring you onto his team.

3.Leadership - Most coaches look for select players that stand out as role models for the other players to follow; the type of person that can rally the rest of the team behind them. Leadership qualities include supporting and encouraging your teammates in success and failure, showing sportsmanship to the referees and the opponents, and exhibiting enthusiasm on the court. Coaches love this kind of stuff because it reflects so positively on their coaching and on the team as a whole.

4.Attitude - This one is very simple. Coaches don't want to deal with JERKS! A positive attitude goes a long way in endearing yourself to the coach and the team. Who wants to continually deal with negativity? Pretty sure you don't, and coaches are no exception. They really would love to have a team full of positive, happy-go-lucky players that feed off the good vibes of each other. Pouting is a sure way to find yourself off the roster when the final team is announced.

The bottom line is that you need to impress the coach so that he or she feels that you are an indispensable member of the team. This isn't achieved by bringing out your best moves from the playground. Shake 'n' Bake might look flashy and cool to your friends, but coaches are looking for players that get things done. That means making plays and finishing. You don't score any points with the "Style" category. If you watch the pinnacles of organized basketball (NBA, FIBA, NCAA), you'll see almost exclusively straight-up fundamentals.

And finally, get started early (like NOW) on developing your skills. You don't want to wait until the last minute and then hope that your abilities will magically be there. Great players are constantly crafting and honing their skills and bring a high quality product when it really matters. Coaches are looking for players that are ready to go because they don't want to have to spend too much time working on your individual skills. It's a team sport and they want to be able to drop you into their program running.

Take home message: Be a PACKAGED PRODUCT when you show up for Tryouts!

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