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The Microtine Rodents
(The Woodland or Pine Vole, Microtus pinetorum, one of the more common native voles; often the most common in shady, moist environments.) I don't think anyone who has had even a minor connection with nature to has not heard of a "field mouse." The Meadow Vo...

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Mutualistic Symbiosis Between Mycorrhizal Fungi and their Hosts
Symbiosis Between Mycorrhizal Fungi and their Hosts By Cade Campbell (Above: The fruiting spires of the Ascomycete Helvella crispa in a Rhododendron
grove beside a Beartree Lake campground parking lot. Notice how they resemble
molten candle wax....

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The Awesome Possum of the Appalachians: Its Life Cycle and Natural History
(This opossum begins showing its teeth in the video, but is strangely distracted by curious domesticated mallards which are approaching within several yards of the trap before its release.) The Virginia Opossum ( Didelphis virginianus) is a cat-sized, noctu...

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A Short History of Mushroom Hunting and How to Do It Today
(The Fluted White Helvella, Common Helvel, Elfin Saddle, White Saddle or Helvella crispa is often seen in European markets and Mexican cuisine. However, toxins in the mushroom can be quite potent unless the mushroom undergoes prolonged cooking. Mushrooms gr...

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Smallest Game Bird in the Southern Appalachians: The Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)
Mourning Doves are known by several obsolete English names, including "Rain Dove", "Turtledove", or "Carolina Pigeon". These doves can be heard in the morning or evening, the male cooing in a five-note song to proclaim his home territory. In the day, pairs ...

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Creepy Crawly Exotica: Astounding Temperate Rainforest Invertebrates on Roan Mountain
Some people in Eastern North America believe that in order to experience the most amazing wildlife and nature, they need to travel abroad. This isn't true. Along with coral reefs, South American jungles and other exotic places, the Southern Appalachian regi...

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Thanksgiving Survivors: The poor ole Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)
(A tom, or male, turkey. The bare skin around his face is called a "snood") The Wild Turkey is a bird with a sad, sad history. It starts with explorers sending domesticated varieties of this species to Europe for exploration as a food source. The specimens ...

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The Mystery of the Riparian Trees
Suppose you crossed paths with the stick in the picture above. But let's say it was laying in a pile of its bark-less kind well up the bank of a medium-sized creek, only a few feet from a hole horizontal to the flowing water. What is that pattern on the bar...

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Heliculture: A Note on Hunting and Raising Snails
(A dormant garden snail, sealing its living gelatinous body inside its mottled shell with a thin sheet of reflective slime on the underside of a wingstem leaf. They do this in dry environments to hold vital moisture. It will wait for dusk to roam, then reso...

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Rats of the Trees: The Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurius carolinensis) and the Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus)
(A gray squirrel threatening its "picture-hunter" with roar-like yowls and rapid tail flicks deep in the cover of a white pine tree.) The Eastern Gray Squirrel, Common Gray Squirrel, or simply Grey (or Gray) Squirrel is possibly one of the most common and m...
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