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Bike tour KOREA - bikeOasis KOREA
bikeOasis KOREA is the first operator pioneer bike tours in the country.
bikeOasis KOREA is the first operator pioneer bike tours in the country.


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Bike tour KOREA - bikeOasis KOREA 
Come join us on our Korea Dream Bike Tour !
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Sarah St Clair Renard is a photographer and a video editor who has participated in our both tours in 2013.
It was her first bicycle tour!

She has released a video about her adventure in Korea:

PS: Our free single supplement offer is still available for our Spring tours

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First ride of the monkey year along the Han River in Seoul!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!
Happy New Year!
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These days in Korea, many stores offer sales until February.
We also offer free single supplement for our Spring Bicycle tours!

Our offer is still valid after February  ^~^
If any questions, please feel free to contact us :)
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Yeouido is called the Manhattan of the Republic of Korea, but it has not always been the case.
Before the 20th century, the place was nothing but a deserted sandy island place for raising livestock.

By 1924, the first airport of Seoul was built on this island. The airport served both commercial and military purpose. In the 1970’s under President Park Chung Hee direction, a 6-lane highway was built to connect the island to the mainland of Yeongdeungpo.

South Korea’s National Assembly was also built. Yeouido played a central role in the "Miracle of the Hangang (River)," which is a term used to refer to South Korea's rapid economic growth.

To learn more about other Seoul's attractions nearby Han River, please click on this link (…).
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Andrew Bain is an independant journalist who has participated in our "Cycle Across Korea: Damyang to Jeju Island" in October 2015.

Andrew has recently published an article about his 12 best bicycle tours. Guess what! We are on the list!

Below is Andrew Bain's article part about cycling in Korea and our "Cycle Across Korea: Damyang to Jeju Island"

"South Korea
With a spate of bike-path construction in recent years, South Korea might just have become Asia’s most cycle-friendly country. Paths now follow major rivers, providing flat and easy cycling – it’s now possible to even ride the 600 kilometres from Seoul to the southern city of Busan on paths and dedicated bike lanes. One of the most scenic cycling destinations in the country is popular Jeju Island, off the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula. A 200-kilometre-long bike route – a combination of bike paths and roadside bike lanes – circuits the volcanic island. It stays mostly beside the coast, passing regularly through fishing villages and providing a lingering look at the island’s wild shores."

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Are you planning to travel few days in Seoul?
Are you looking for one day of recreational activity during your stay in the capital of Korea?

Well, our company will launch very soon some day tours programs in Seoul.

We offer guided city bicycle tours around Han River, the biggest living monument of Seoul.

Through a ride along the Han River on the segregated bicycle paths, you will learn not only about the past history and development of the city, but also about its future.

Not only will you learn about history, but you will also see giant bridges, modern parks and mountains of buildings. If you are looking for a traditional tour, this is not the right place!

Please feel free to visit our Seoul City Bike Tour's website and be one of the first to like our Seoul City Bike Tour Facebook page  ^~^

Facebook page:…/#
Google + page:

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In Korea, spring temperatures range from 5℃ to 20℃, and the return of warm weather brings a blanket of yellow and white blossoms spreading over the country. Springtime festivals held throughout the country offer a great way to enjoy the good weather, flowers, food, and culture.

Our free single supplement offer for our spring tours is still available!
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Have you ever heard about cardboard bike?

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Have you ever wondered how it will be to cycle on Jeju Island?

We have made a short video clip about our last bicycle tour "Cycle Across Korea: Damyang toJeju Island".
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