Is there any way to rebuild the library in Cloud Player so that it Imports files from the oldest to the newest?
For me one of the most important things about my song library is keeping track of WHEN the songs were imported into the library. Which is usually the file date.
Right now my cloud player database is not making any sense because it's not finding songs in my internal memory or my external memory that I know are there. There are several hundred MP3 files in the phone itself, and a couple thousand on an external SD card. I'm trying to understand the benefits between telling Cloud Player to scan a local folder, or telling cloud Player to import local media. If I do scan local folder on the internal drive, and then do scan folder on the external SD card, are the imported songs from the internal SD card going to disappear? Are the scans exclusive? Or is each successive scan just adding to the library? And will those scanned libraries be monitored for updated music in the future? Also how long does it take for a cloud player to notice songs added to the phone's music folder? It seems like in the past it would notice them instantly. But now it seems like my phone is unaware of any new music that I have added in the last month or two. Including music I added yesterday and the day before and the day before that. I'm having trouble making sense of how Cloud Player does this. I am tempted to erase or reset Cloud players database, but I am afraid that I will lose the date added order of my music files. I don't have all of the thousands of songs in my song Library memorized, so the way that I find music is by looking back to when they were added. For instance if I'm trying to remember that one song that was added at a wedding last June I would scroll backwards until I got to around that point In time and then I would see this song and remember it. Or if I remember adding a bunch of music last spring when I was visiting a friend, then I would just keep going back through the date ordered files until I saw the group of music from the last spring . But I don't have memorized all of the song names and artists. Because I don't buy music based on artist or based on album. I add songs as individual songs. I don't always remember the artist name. I don't always remember the song name. But I kind of remember the events it was related to and when they happened in time so that's how I find my music. Having my database lose track of when the song for added is a real bummer.
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