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Second entry into this years contest.

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My offering for the year.

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Stunning images of an a lion that did not deserve to die. Do not support these ridiculous game hunts in Africa. If you haven't been to Africa make the trip and take pictures of these animals, it will change your life. Hang a photo on the wall, not a stuffed head.

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Just awesome David
Hi everyone, just overnighting in Whitehorse, Yukon in between bear trips and wanted to share this very special image. This is a grizzly bear mother nursing her one and a half year old cubs on the shores of Cook Inlet in Alaska. This is something that that I feel very lucky to have witnessed and photograph, an experience that I will never forget.

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Cannot wait for my Microdrone 3.0

Why aren't more people following these guys +Macphun Software just trying out some of their products, pretty impressed with ease of use and true ability of the software. Very nice addition to the kit i think.

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Hey look not an owl!

This female fox is out hunting for her 6 kits. The kids are with dad by the water.

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This bird is nothing but brilliant, able to use her surroundings to her advantage. She's a huge bird, making her way home to the north. Obviously her size is a good indicator of her ability to find a food source for herself. She's so smart she even washes her food before she eats it.
#Bird#Bird of prey#Bubo#Canon#Food#Owl#Raptor#Snowy owl#Wildlife#Winter#nature

+Birds4All +Birds +HQSP Birds

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✯✯  *WS Bird Photographers circle*  ✯✯

This is the 1st #Birds4All circle share for 2015.

This circle is a must have for people who love Birds.

Please support yourself by adding and sharing this awesome Birds photographers circle

Sharing is not required but is highly appreciated when this is done

If you want to share your photos with the +Birds4All theme then you can use this copy and paste line:

#Birds4All by +113942799549327773662 & +115533614048623021648 (+114469338382698658494)

You can find the Bird4all communitie here: which is greatly maintained by  +Jane Floor 

with kind regards,
+Walter Soestbergen
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