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Best backcourt in the NBA?
There's been much talk about Steph Curry and Klay Thompson representing the best backcourt in the NBA in years (see here , here , here , etc.). I was interested in seeing how the two performed relative to their peers this season as well as the last few seas...

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Special guest post: TERP ALERT!!!!
This year's Maryland Basketball team is bigger and deeper than our Championship team. The interesting thing is that It has the potential to be more talented. Think about that: bigger, deeper and possibly more talented than our Championship team.  Wow. Let's...

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Relationship between advanced stats and winning
While a growth in advanced metrics provides a more robust picture of a player's value, the true measure of a metric should be it's ability to correlate with his team winning. I took six advanced metrics from for the 2014-15 season* ...

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Scoring efficiency (PTS/ FGA)
There are many measures of shooting efficiency however one that tends to get over-looked is the most simple--points (PTS) per field goal attempt (FGA). The measure is intuitive and gives some context on players that are effective three points scorers or sco...

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Kobe: Career 50 Game Moving Averages
After the most recent 14 for 37 shoot-first-ask-questions-last loss, I started thinking that 2014 Kobe might simply be a bad player that gets to shoot a lot. In other words, offensively, he produces what any marginal NBA player would given the green light t...

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Offensive and Defensive Rating & Win %
Looking at team data, I was interested in understanding how effective team offensive and defensive rating serve as a measure of success. Offensive rating measures a team's points scored per 100 possessions. Conversely, defensive rating measures a team's poi...

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Melo & LeBron: Career 30 game moving averages
Carmelo Anthony is a unique player in the NBA in that he is granted superstar status and money  despite only reaching the conference finals once in his 12 year career. His critics have questioned his effort on defense  and t he adverse effect of his individ...

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Curreally? Better offense than LeBron
Stephen Curry recently said that he was a better offensive player than LeBron . Here's why he's not: Based on virtually every measure of offensive performance (i.e., assist %, offensive rating, offensive rebounding %, and offensive win shares), LeBron is be...

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Best Available Free Agents
I pulled current free agents from here and win shares per 48 from Duncan, Bosh and James Jones are the best available. Udoh, Watson and Billups are among the worst available. Interestingly, Jan Vesely is above Rudy Gay, Bargiani, E...

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Kevin Love, AFGM & 3s
There's an increasing sense of inevitability of success associated with Kevin Love and whatever team he joins. I pulled monthly averages for his career from NBA Stats , and plotted the percent of three point field goal attempts (%FGA 3PT) and the percent of...
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