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Guest Post: Alex Stargazer, Author; 17
Hello everyone at To the Point! It’s my pleasure to be your guest blogger today. But—perhaps some introductions are first in order? Who I Am I’m a writer—of fantasy, of romance; of all that brings creativity from me, and wonder to you. My nom de plume is Al...

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It's a Book Blitz! "Disintegration" (The Todor Trilogy, Book Two) by Jenna Newell Hiott
Just a few months ago, Jenna Newell Hiott released the first installment, Revelation , of the Todor Trilogy. Today, in an effort to help get the word out about this epically fantastic series and support Jenna's independent sophomore effort, To The Point joi...

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'The Paper Magician' by Charlie N. Holmberg
Official Summary: Ceony Twill arrives at the cottage of Magician Emery Thane with a broken heart. Having graduated at the top of her class from the Tagis Praff School for the Magically Inclined, Ceony is assigned an apprenticeship in paper magic despite her...

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Fan-fiction: Formal Apology
In yesterday's post I gave an F to the entire genre of fan-fiction and I would like to publicly admit that I was wrong. I was reminded by Sean Huxter, friend and author of Loose Change , The Black Blade , and (illustrative to his point) Doctor Who fan comic...

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Rambling Thoughts on Fan-Fiction
Like many of the mistakes I talk about here on T.T.P, this one started off with a television obsession. Namely, the CW's Vampire Diaries - a teenage vampire, night time soap opera, which would be terrible if not for the fact that I, for the sake of honesty ...

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'Ready Player One' by Ernest Cline
Official Summary: It’s the year 2044, and the real world is an ugly place. Like most
of humanity, Wade Watts escapes his grim surroundings by spending his
waking hours jacked into the OASIS, a sprawling virtual utopia that lets
you be anything you want t...

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'Double Blind' by Tiffany Pitts - Special Blog Tour Review!
Official Summary: Delilah
Pelham’s brother, Paul, is missing. She should probably be worried about that
but honestly, he’s been in trouble since the day he learned the words “trust
me." In fact, if it weren’t for his roommate, Carl, she would gladly leave

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'Petals on the Wind' by V.C. Andrews
Official Summary: For Carrie, Chris and Cathy the attic was a dark horror that would not leave their minds. Of course mother had to pretend they didn't exist and grandmother was convinced they had the devil in them. But that wasn't their fault. Was it? Cath...

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Bridal Title 5: 'Dream Wedding on a Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride‏' by Bobette Kyle
Official Summary: Getting married is like buying a house; it's a major milestone in life,
and almost always, there is initial sticker shock. ("It costs how
much?") Dream Wedding on a Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride is
for those who cannot affo...

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Throwback Thursday: The 80's As Remembered by Me, Through Books
Having been born in the 80's, it's one of my favorite decades - even though I can't remember a whole lot of it. That said, let's take a look at what I consider the top 5 titles that shaped my future love of reading at such an impressionable age. 1. 'The Cat...
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