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Waiting for the CWF show to start...
How many belts can Manik get in one night?
Can Crash fit in a cube-crushed car?
Who will Boulder hurt (on purpose) this time?
Will Reina start her Reing as CWF Underweight Champion?
All those questions will (hopefully) be answered in 13 minutes...
Are you Ready?

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Brainberg Figurine!!!(Don't mind the notice next  to it, they got the name wrong...)

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Come on people... Sunday, Episode 2 of the CWF. Be there! If you want to see a 400+ pounder getting fed 32 flavors of pain! Manik vs Boulder, it's bound to happen!
The X-Bomb vs the Lard Bomber!

Super excited for today's game with +David Ryan  , my first one... Bringing my character out of retirement for a third or fourth run... didn't count 'em... watching comeback videos on youtube and getting pumped up as hell :D that first promo is gonna be a bitch :D

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Ok guys. Supreme Wrestling Federation. If you guys are up for it, I'll try and do it. I am not available on friday nights. I'd be interested for a weekly show. I'm from Quebec so, obviously, there's gonna be a french-canadian accent... I'm throwing in my own character and he's going to be a Anti-Hero... so, if anyone's interested, I'll need some sort of... co-GM/co-decision-making-partner...
So... Who's in?

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Here's a little idea I toyed around with... regarding a possible "WWWRPG developmental territory fed"... You know... to get creative juices flowing...

Maybe we could do a list of the "ongoing" games going on and note, like, those that have places available, if so, how many places are available and stuff like that... ? How the game plays (Google Hangout, Skype, etc...), When the games take place, and whatnot...
What do you all think?

Unless I misunderstood the whole community thing and there's only tabletop gaming going on EXCEPT for the ones Nathan puts on youtube.... ?

Anyone interested in starting some sort of WWWRPG developmental territory fed "à-la-NXT" ?
Weekly (or every other week), Google-hangout-ed like the tournament thingy...
I know, I know, I'm annoying with all those posts.... can't wait to join a "fed" and get on a roster :D

#WWWRPG #Awesome #TakeMyMoney #BuyItNow  

Watching the episode #7 of the Gentlemen Tourny... am I the only one thinking The only way Joey Crak could be even more unstopable  would be to have him some sort of manager... like...
Christopher Walken!
Assured Heat right there!

I was wondering... How many of you guys took part into e-feds?
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