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Latest Android News

Android for the HP Touchpad finally gets a (partially) working camera

Samsung schedules strategy meeting with Google's Schmidt over Apple's Android war

Huawei -- Android, Windows Phone 8 devices coming and a new mobile OS

Google Android store reaches 25 billion downloads, 675,000 apps
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Same Question...!!

What do you think Amazon will announce on Thursday in LA?
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He got an S III
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Setup your domain to redirect to Google+ Page or Profile

example: +Tech News 

PHP - In .htaccess

RedirectMatch ^/\+(.*)$ G+ PROFILE ID$1


Redirect /<your g+ Profile id>
By: +Daniel Sandler  and of course +Navneet Pandey (my self)

Rails - visit this link
By: +Jarin Udom 

Windows Servers - In web.config

<rule name="Redirect to Google+" stopProcessing="true">
<match url="\+" />
<add input="{HTTP_HOST}" pattern="^$" />
<action type="Redirect" url=" G+ PROFILE ID"
redirectType="Permanent" />

By: +Evan Charlton 

lighttpd - (I don't know much about this) needs mod_redirect
url.redirect = (
"^/\+.*$" => " G+ PROFILE ID"
By: +Pascal Schwarz 

Now In +Blogger 

1. In Settings > Search Preferences > Custom Redirects
From  /+
To /p/PAGENAME.html
Mark As Permanent and save.

2. Make a  Create a New Page of the name you mentioned above and Publish (Leave it blank if you want)

3. Now Got to Template > Edit Html > and search </head>. Just above it paste this code

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://YOURSITE.COM/p/PAGENAME.html&quot;'>
<meta content='0; url= G+ PROFILE ID' http-equiv='refresh'/>

4. Save the Template and you are done.

NOTE: This may not work properly with blogger. By: +Navneet Pandey 

If you know More about it Please Leave into comment
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The flaw has existed since iPhone was first launched in 2007, and is still not solved in the beta version of iOS 6, the next operating system for iPhone, the hacker under the name “Pod2g” said in a blog post, reported Xinhua.

“Now you are alerted. Never trust any SMS you received on your iPhone at first sight”
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Caldwell may have burned a bridge with Facebook, but now he's on a crusade. He is proposing to build an anti-Facebook: an ad-free social network that users will pay for

Caldwell could have rebuilt his iPhone app without the Facebook features, but it would have made it almost useless, he said. He abandoned that app, and abandoned Facebook, and Twitter, for that matter. Since publishing his story, he said he's received emails from developers and startup founders who had a similar experience with Facebook. Free platforms will never be trustworthy, he says, because they have to figure out ways to make money — and that often means cannibalizing someone else's profitable business.
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I can't stop laughing!!! This is EXTREME!!
Watch 15 people trying to unbox the Nexus 7

A little comic relief for those who are still waiting for their pre-orders:
Nexus 7: The Playground is Open - the box? not so much

For many, the most satisfying part of trying a brand new gadget is unboxing it. The highly anticipated Nexus 7 is no exception: but the sturdy box and high-grade tape definitely make it playful - perhaps too challenging!  Watching these videos on YouTube made me smile, so I decided to put them together; shake-n-bake included. Hope it makes you smile too. :-)

Includes clips originally from +CNET (+Molly Wood), +Phandroid (+Christopher Chavez), +TechnoBuffalo (+Jon Rettinger), +Pocketnow, +Los Angeles Times. By the way, this video is all in good humor.

Did you get your hands on the Nexus 7 yet (finally, for those who pre-ordered)? And how was the unboxing?

#nexus7   #android   #jellybean   #asus   #google  
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Microsoft Announcement Office 15
Another week, another big Microsoft announcement.

The tech behemoth has scheduled a press event for 3 p.m. ET on Monday featuring CEO Steve Ballmer. A media alert announcing the event was scant on details. However, the smart money is on an Office 15 announcement.
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I would Like to have them
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