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Brian Smith
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Be the change you want to see in the world.

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+The Plume Room- Banana Mint Milkshake, 6mg
Rocking a new +Wismec Theorem atty at 450°F on the great little Nugget mod I won from +Tucson Vapers's meetup last month.
Oh man, did I miss this juice. :-D

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by Wm. Paul Smith

many of us want a church that you can walk into naked
and not be raped or ridiculed

many of us know, and don't want the church to tell us
that we don't know God

many of us don't know God, and want to be introduced
we don't want him on display
we don't want to be on display ourselves
we just want an introduction

many of us don't want a church at all
but if there is one--we want it human

many of them want a church you can walk naked into too
but they're not sure why

many of them don't want that kind of church
many of them only want an organization

many of them want to know us
many of us want to know them too
but none know how well

and since this is true--for my part
i'll just continue asking God to take some tea with me
but not in church
for now

© 1973-13 March

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For our Fallen...

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The Lil'One contemplating more chocolate milk... 

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“...a ranger is a protector. You protect the land from the people, the people from the land, the people from each other, and the people from themselves. It's what you are trained to do without even thinking, a reflexive and unconditional act. If you're lucky, you get assigned to people who seem worth saving and land and waters whose situation is not hopeless. If not, you save them anyway. And maybe in time, saving them will make them worth it.” 
― Kurt Caswell, To Everything on Earth: New Writing on Fate, Community, and Nature

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Tomorrow would have been my Dad's 72nd birthday.
Miss you Dad, still thinking of you almost every day.

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Time to get down with StrongBad and some pescatary occulation!
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