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Creating Spooky Scary episode 2
For a while now I have been trying to motivate myself into animating this idea I had in mind but I found myself constantly struggling trying to get it started. It was a more serious plot about an orphaned cub in which the story would reveal parts of his lif...

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Annecy Animation Festival 2015
This summer I took trip
to the Annecy Animation Festival with a number of my university
friends and from my previous post I promised I'd elaborate more on
the experience. It was an amazing
experience to go the festival, being able to see how many talented

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What have I been up to?
I haven't posted here for a while so now would be good time. In less then a week I will have graduated with Honours First Degree so expect a post about shortly after the day. I also went to the Annecy Film a few weeks ago which was for a lack word amazing. ...

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Final End of Year Film
A week or so back I finished my third year film which was also nominated for best 2D animation for my university end of year show. As you can could guess I was very excited that it got nominated and everyone who watched it enjoyed it and all the jokes made ...

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New Showreel
Yesterday I put together my newest show reel highlighting what I think is the best of my work. It Can be found on the front page of my website but you can also view it at the bottom of this post. Jason Evans Showreel from Jason Evans on Vimeo .

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Credit Sequence
I haven't posted for a good while and that is because I have come close to finishing my film and I didn't want to reveal any more and spoil film. What I can show is the end credit sequence which I have been working which involves have case come onto the scr...

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Film update 24/04/15
It's been a while since my last end of year film post and during that time I have managed to get a lot of it done. There is a lot to do, the most important items I need to address are the lip sync, import the stop motion scenes and finish off animation at t...

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A look at Cartoon Network
 Before I go back to me posting about my end of year film I want to take  to look over one more animation company, for this post I want to discuss a company which I pretty much grew up on watching day in day out, which is Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network la...

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A look at Blue Zoo Animation
Blue Zoo Studio is based in heart of London and the company has been around for longer then a decade which during this time has created strong strong relationships with TV broadcasters and media companies worldwide and to name a few would the British Braodc...

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A look at Sun and Moon Studios
Looking at anouther company which is close to home, Sun and Moon studios (which is based in Bristol) produces two kinds of work which are animations and games. They company started up in 2008 by Dylan Shipley and Louis Jones and since then has created a lar...
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