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Home School High School and Public School Supplementation 2014-2015
This is the shortest post of all the since we are doing mostly free and online resources for four of the children. Public school has gotten so expensive so it's imperative to cut back where I can in our homeschooling journey. The 4 older children My high sc...

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A New Blog---A New School Year!
 Our Family, Easter 2014 I try to re-focus our goals at the end of December and July. Since school is starting soon, it's a good time to start a new blog as that has been one of my goals. The summer went so fast this year… faster than most … None
of us are ...

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Kindergarten 2014-2015
Easter 2014 The key to this year will be flexibility and easy planning!
We must learn a lot, have fun and be flexible at the same time. Each week, I
will post what we did (hopefully with pictures) so I can hold myself
accountable. My biggest struggle will b...

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Todder School for a 2 year old
Easter 2014 The 2 year old is an energetic boy, who runs from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed at night. He doesn't take much of a nap so it's important to keep him busy. He is known in our family as "The Destroyer". lol  We are setting up a lot ...

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Day 3-Bitterness and Forgiveness in the Midst of It All
(This is a very personal post—probably the most difficult
one of this whole challenge. I don’t want to be this transparent, but I know I
must. God is asking this of me. I have prayed for two days over this hoping God
would give me something different to say...

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Day 2--Fear vs. Courage
As I was reading today’s posts from  Ruth and  Edie's blogs, I was
outside sitting on my deck watching my younger boys playing with
skateboards.   Pookie, the 4 year old,
would sit on it and push himself off to roll down the hill of the driveway. He
yelled ...

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Day 1 - The Battle is Beginning
It's only the first day and I have had to deal with the heartache and the joy. We got a new monthly expense that is going to last for the next 10 years or so. Luckily, with just a little re-budgeting it should not be a huge heartache. So thankfully, we made...

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31 Days of October Challenges
The Nester does a 31 day blog challenge each October. I have wanted to do it in the past. I have tried to do it and never gotten past the first day. I keep saying I need to write, yet I never do. I found a few challenges for the month of October so I though...
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