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This is awesome stuff. I love seeing my company in the news!
EXCLUSIVE: Pinterest is using SparkPost's email service to increase engagement and personalize interactions with its customers -- via VentureBeat


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Network cable with built-in firewall. ‪#‎Sysadmin‬ ‪#‎Networking‬ ‪#‎IT‬ ‪#‎Funny‬

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I've entered a Half Marathon on May 10.  Prior to 2014, I'd never run more than just over a mile and a half.  I've been training a lot this year and just this weekend, I ran about 11 miles & walked another mile.  So, I'm ready for this race.

I don't expect to do particularly well (probably about 10 minutes/mile), but I expect to run the whole thing.

If you've got a couple bucks lying around and wouldn't mind contributing to a great cause, please see my Runner's page.

Thanks for any support!

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Methods of Communication
This recently came up in a conversation with my mom, but I thought it'd be worth posting. Here are my preferred methods of communication: Email - Non-emergency.  I can read it any time and get back to you whenever.  When I get email, my phone does not vibra...

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<3 Joss
One of the many reasons to love Joss Whedon. If you are interested in hearing the context of the quote, here is the speech this quote comes from:
Joss Whedon's Equality Now speech

#firefly   #strongfemalecharacters  

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That's really awesome. I just disabled auto-start for a few apps.
Privacy Guard : Manage Start-up Apps

Privacy Guard has received a new ability in CM11, have you noticed? 

CM users now have the ability to prevent apps from auto-starting on every device reboot, with the 'Auto-Start' permission toggle in Privacy Guard.

Additional via the advanced AppOps view, a new panel has been added, showing the list of apps on your phone, sorted by last auto-start time.
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A video for +Reyk Floeter's company. tbert is even in it at the end. Very cool!

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cwm notes for OpenBSD
This year I've tried to use more of OpenBSD's base tools with little or no configuration files.  Two that I focused on were tmux and cwm.  I've been using tmux since before it was added to the base system, but I had tried to make it look and feel like GNU/s...
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