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St. Marks — A vibrant and welcoming metropolitan congregation located in...

A vibrant and welcoming metropolitan congregation located in the Minneapolis’ Loring Park neighborhood, immediately south of downtown.

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St. Marks. A vibrant and welcoming metropolitan congregation located in the Minneapolis' Loring Park neighborhood, immediately south of down

Lemony Spring Risotto -

Showcase spring's finest in this veggie-packed rice dish.

Guys Like This Could Kill Google Glass Before It Ever Gets Off the Groun...

The Segway. The Bluetooth headset. The pocket protector. What do these three technologies have in common? They all pretty much work as promi

What English Sounds Like to People Who Don't Speak It

If you've ever wanted to know what English sounds like when you don't speak it, here's a short film from Australian director Brian Fairbairn

A breathtaking reminder of just how gigantic Jupiter really is

If you're looking for a reminder of how impossibly huge Jupiter is, just take a gander at this image from Cassini. That tiny satellite in fr

Congress’s Wealth Grew During Crisis

Nearly half of all members are millionaires.

More on the 'Most Incredible' Fox News Travesty

The rest of the story, about that notorious Fox segment

Science Can Neither Explain Nor Deny the Awesomeness of This Sledding Crow

But that doesn't mean we can't call up a crow specialist and hector him about this incredible display of playful intelligence.

Dead Cow Walking: The Case Against Born-Again Carnivorism

Pigs, chickens, and other animals raised for food are sentient beings with rich emotional lives. They feel everything from joy to grief.

Grover Norquist's Pledge Is a Colossal Failure

The tax activist is defending his legacy in the NY Times today. The actual effect he's unwittingly had? Making big government more palatable

Pepper-Spray Brutality at UC Davis

As the Occupy movement goes on, the police response gets worse

Removing Signals and Signs from Intersections Just Might Make Us Safer -...

The Shared Spaces theory has started to catch on in Europe, but will Americans ever buy it?

Live Coco Cam: Non-Denominational Xmas Critters

Prepare for crazy cute animal madness on the Live Coco Cam: Non-Denominational Xmas Critters.

ABC Looking at Long-Awaited Star Wars Live-Action TV Show | Underwire | ...

The idea for a live-action Star Wars show has been in development for years under Star Wars creator George Lucas, and now that Disney's rece

Windows Blue: How it could reinvent Windows (or sink Windows 8) | PCWorld

Windows 8 is barely out of the box and we're already hearing talk about its alleged follow-up. What does Windows Blue's standardized SDK and

Rise of the Super-Earths

Astronomers have discovered a giant new kind of planet that could hold life -- and they could change everything