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Pashmina is a PPC & internet marketing geek. Owner of Flow Simple
Pashmina is a PPC & internet marketing geek. Owner of Flow Simple


+Daniel Gonzalez check out the new Myspace. Killer!

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Google Flight Search is now available on tablet, which means that searching for and booking travel just got easier. The next time you're browsing on your tablet for a spontaneous vacation, Flight Search can help you find a flight that won't break the bank. Let's say that you know you want to fly out of Seattle between October 18 and October 22 and want to spend less than $250 on your flight.  On Flight Search, enter your departure city of Seattle, modify your date range, and then filter via the Price button for flights under $250. The map will quickly update to show all cities with flights within the price limit you specified; you'll likely see more options for other airports as you zoom in. In this example, you could enjoy the best of autumn in Denver for $186 or savor more summer in LA for only $234. 

Flight Search is available for departures in the U.S. and Canada.

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Still confused about how PPC Adwords works? Check out this 90 second video

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Robots chatting about God, yes that's fascinating. Even more interesting is what we consider "disruptive" conversation rhythm. These machines haven't learned a "correct" rhythm for conversing.

Most annoying thing of the week: Startup Digest, a kick ass curated newsletter changes its delivery format for the worse. Read the comments for more context.

It's the usability, stupid. It comes first.

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Google Places post started by Mike definitely had me on a rant!
25 (err... 250?) things I hate about Google Places.

+Danny Sullivan wrote a piece 5 years ago called "25 Things I hate About Google" and revisited his pain points again this year.

It's OUR turn now. You have the floor. Pile on! I am giving you permission to vent your frustrations.

+Mike Ramsey wrote a piece last fall called 5 Things google is Doing Wrong with Local Search. While a great start on this project, I think seven a number way too low to capture the reality. Read more:

I started to write a similar post similar to Danny's and Mike's about Google local however I only came up with 15 and while I am sure that there are many, many more I ran out of steam. With the rollout of Google+ I thought it only appropriate to finish the post as a cooperative exercise.

I would like you to add your favorite things to hate about Google Places. Add a broad category and a brief description of the issue. If you have a link to document the issue, even better. And if you can recall, note how long the 'feature' has been extant.

Please attempt to keep non-family oriented words to a minimum.

To get the ball rolling here are some typical example categories and problems:

Category: Reviews

-Flagging an inappropriate reviews feels like "pissing the ocean". Even if they violated the terms of service, flagging them offers no feedback mechanism to allow the flagger to know if, when or ever a review will be looked at. No idea of the time frame is given. When the review is particularly egregious (rascist, sexist or otherwise offensive), the lack of feedback creates a sense of powerlessness and often despair

Category: Support

-The forums are woefully inadequate method for solving people's problem. the few regulars that frequent them and offer advice can only answer a small percentage of the questions. Google staffers rarely join in. On a typical day in early April, in the discuss issues with other owner's area of the Places Help forum there were 49 questions. 39 of those questions received NO ANSWERS whatsoever. The remaining 10 were answered to varying degrees of satisfaction. The incentives to staff the forums are low, the ability to solve Google caused issues is lower making it a frustrating experience for the contributors and an even more frustrating experience for the askers.

Category: Process

-All to often the required post card delivery for verification goes awry. At best it has an unpredictable delivery time and thus it is difficult for smb and particularly larger organizations to deal with. It is unclear where the actual fault with the system lies. Google? The Post Office? the Business?

Category: Analytics

Should I just say "Let me count the ways" or "Gag me with a spoon"?

What is your favorite Thing(s) You Hate About Google Places?
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