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I remixed AND made a (glitchy-but-hey!) NEW webpage with Thimble. Here is my "Tyvek and Me" remix of +Chad Sansing 's All About Me template. Feel free to remix - and big thanks to Chad for advice and for making the template for #clmooc. The new page I made is linked off this one and is called "More Inspirations".

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Here's my meme. Inglip obeys and shows affection(s) for #clmooc! 

At +Chad Sansing's school, just finished writing up some notes to guide my thinking...students in his room want more Raspberry Pi's, want Tinkertags, want to help me with ebook ideas. I want to join in as they work on idea for voice sensor using different pitch, volume to trigger LED pictures. Can't wait to be learner in study group with Chad and +Paul Oh : )

just got back from LA and setting up for school, but still collecting people and ideas re use of Daily 5 in school libraries. Let me know if you'd like to join us!

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enjoying this grammar/usage/writing site, aimed at college but works for HS, some MS. I also see this as a model for making my own posters on many topics for elementary school (or rather, having students make!):

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In meeting at the elegant large learning space at UVA Med School with leadership teams from Albemarle County to learn from Peter Reynolds and plan, discuss re embedding systems that support creativity. And yes - that Peter Reynolds of great books and big grant fame:
Scroll down for Fab@School Project:

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thanks, +Caroline Smith for RTing this on twitter, from @RBReich (Robert Reich):

"D's must not approve deal that asks nothing of the richest in America -- richer now than ever & paying lowest tax rate in 80 yrs."

and they own more in terms of percentage of total assets and social mobility is way down....

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No more "hey, I guess they don't care" - Amazon spells it out, and the answer re how we most want to use Kindles in libraries and classrooms is NO.
From +Buffy Hamilton 's blog, via +Anne Weaver :

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Going to hear Leah Price tonight at UVA (top lecture) - so good of the Rare Book School to hold these lectures and welcome the public:
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