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Store & More - Chestermere
Self Storage for Chestermere, Alberta!
Self Storage for Chestermere, Alberta!


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Read our featured story in the Chestermere Anchor about our incredible FREE Elf Storage offering until Christmas only! Store your gifts with us for FREE! 😍🎅🎁🎀
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Hey there gift giver! Store your Christmas gifts for FREE with us! This month only! 😍 🥁 🎁

With Christmas fast approaching, Store & More Chestermere Self Storage is offering FREE ELF STORAGE* with a donation to the Chestermere Food Bank!
(*not to be used for the storage of actual elves!)

Whether it’s little ones crawling around in the backs of closets, spouses who accidentally stumble upon their own gift (they were “cleaning”!), or teens “innocently” poking around in the basement, our secure storage units are a much better solution for hiding gifts than your garage, basement, or attic. Take advantage of this holiday offer to store large gifts that are impossible to hide, like bikes, fishing rods, doll houses, soccer or hockey nets, or use it for a collection of smaller gifts - have you ever cleverly hidden a gift in November only to find it in January? It happens to the best of us!

Store & More Chestermere Self Storage will keep those special items safe from prying eyes, for FREE*, until you are ready to collect them; complete with 24-hour access, seven days a week, from now until December 31. Keep everything in one place and return as many times as you like, just bring your lock (or purchase one in our retail area) and make a food or cash donation to The Chestermere Food Bank when you sign up.

AND, as a bonus, make sure you sign up for a block of time to use our conference room as your own Christmas Workshop to assemble and wrap your gifts! Ever tried to wrap a gift on the floor of your master bedroom? Ever had to assemble a gift and make sure it works properly at 11:30pm on Christmas Eve after everyone else is in bed? There is a better way! Bring your ribbons, bows and paper, grab a complimentary coffee, listen to our festive music, and get everything done in the comfort and privacy of our conference room. We want to help make Christmas less stressful as you make every effort to create a magical season for your family and friends. Because there's nothing better than the happy faces and gleeful squeals of surprise of the people you love on Christmas morning!

Conveniently located on the corner of Highway #1 and Rainbow Road, visit Store & More today and allow us to make your Christmas easier. Have questions? Give a shout at 587 997 6191.

* Terms and Conditions:
• New clients only
• Free storage ending on or before the Dec 31, 2018
• No minimum stay
• One storage unit per customer
• Subject to availability on a first-come first-served basis - 100 units will be available for this program
• Offer applied to storage fees only; insurance, lock, packing materials or other services are not included
• No cash alternative
• Offer may be withdrawn at any time
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Moving? We can help. We have all the #moving and #packing supplies you’ll need – including truck rentals! Call us today 1 833-786-7667

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