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Jasmina Nellestijn
Veiled beauty | Love to laugh | World Traveller | Bringing some awareness
Veiled beauty | Love to laugh | World Traveller | Bringing some awareness

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The choices for Syrian children. So heartbreaking 💔 And #WeCantSayWeDidntKnow. #SaveSyria

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The text on the bag reads:

"This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language."

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What I don’t do anymore since living in Egypt (written with a wink)

• Call customer service when I have a complaint.
Just two words: Suicide mission.
• Tell a taxidriver I’m Dutch.
They all tell you long stories about this magical victorious match in 1990 where Egypt played soccer against The Netherlands in the World Cup. The score was 1-1.
• Go to a police station to report a crime.
Tried that once. Shame on me.
• Being at the airport 3 hours in advance.
What’s the use? Nobody is there to check you in.
• Follow traffic rules.
You will be called donkey or (son of a) dog.
• Eat (anything) before visiting family or friends.
You will need that empty stomach (the food is always delicious).
• Be on time for an appointment.
If I want to be alone, I can do that in my own house.
• Forget that there is always dessert.
Leave some room in your stomach! You will be force fed.
• Act silly around a policeman.
They have guns here, big ones. 
• Believe anyone who says “Bokra(tomorrow) In shaa Allah”.
They're lying and they know it.
• Wait patiently in line.
You can stay in line as much as you want, but you will be the last one to be helped.
• Try to download a movie.
Takes years. No, centuries.
• Return a plate empty.
Just don’t. Put something on it, doesn’t matter what it is.
• Wear red clothes.
I don’t really know what the deal is with that.
• Cycling 
Unfortunately there is no good infrastructure for that.

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Happy International Women's Day to all the women out there!

International Women's Day: What is it and why was it set up?:

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Egyptian girls new pick up line 😂😂#Netflix #MiddleEast

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I really want to share this documentary, The Island of All Together, with you (available to watch till 24th of December). Description: Every summer many European tourists travel to the Greek island Lesbos for a sunny holiday. This year thousands of refugees crossed the sea from Turkey and arrived on the island as well, looking for a safe haven in the European Union. Filmmakers Philip Brink and Marieke van der Velden invited tourists and refugees to talk one another about life while sitting on a little bench overlooking the sea. The result is a short documentary with conversations of war, fleeing, home, work, love, but also cars and pets. It's an ode to humanism and shows what happens when we take time to sit down and talk with each other in stead of about each other. (23 min)
The video is available with Dutch, German, English, Greek and Arabic subtitles (click the CC button bottom right to choose the language you like)

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Mashup of Hello by Adele and Keefak Inta (كيفك انت) by Fairouz ❤

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In case of total boredom, make a henna cat tattoo.

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