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Here's some owl art from my book "Draw Groovy", published by F+W Media! Draw Groovy is a 64-page art instruction book filled with easy step-by-step drawing lessons that show you how to draw the cute, whimsical images like these!

You can find Draw Groovy online at a number of sites, or ask for it at your local bookstore:


Book Depository:
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I am so excited to announce that my newest e-book of printable coloring pages is now available for purchase!!

These Groovy Animals Coloring Pages feature 20 images of incredibly detailed, super groovy animals for you to print and color! The animals include:

Walrus (with a penguin!)

You can see images of these groovy animals, and purchase the coloring pages here:

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Thank you +Kelvin Thomas !! :)
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I thought I'd show a bit more of my working process. Here's my recent sketch of a chimp, which will be included in my upcoming Groovy Animals Coloring Pages! In the corner you can get a glimpse of the finished chimp.

I start my sketches loosely with an HB pencil and play with the possibilities until the image starts to take shape. When I'm ready to commit to the line work, I trace over the sketch with a softer B pencil to make darker lines. (Sometimes I trace the lines with a pen, as I did with the rhino I posted a few days ago.)

Once I've polished the reference drawing, I photograph it and go over the lines digitally, which makes the image easier to tweak. For example, I don't know if you can tell from these two images, but in the final image I gave the chimp a bigger smile. I was careful not to overdo it or show any teeth, because when chimps "grin" it means they're stressed, scared or angry. When you see chimps "grinning" in movies or on greeting cards, it means the chimp is upset. So instead I aimed to give my chimp a more peaceful, Zen look, like he just ate a bunch of yummy fruit.

I enjoyed drawing this chimp, which has special meaning to me because my husband worked with chimps in the Congo Republic, helping to rehabilitate chimps that had previously been poached so that they could be introduced back into the wild. He spent a lot of time in the jungle with these amazing creatures and now I can't help but see them through his eyes, and appreciate what amazing creatures they are.

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Here's my latest work in progress... a groovy rhino which will be included in my upcoming e-book of Groovy Animals Coloring Pages!

The idea of drawing a rhinoceros was suggested by my friend Marthie who lives in South Africa, where unfortunately rhino poaching is a major problem. These poor creatures are killed just for their horns and if the trend continues, they could be extinct within years. There are 5 species of rhinos: 3 are Critically Endangered, 1 is classified as Vulnerable and 1 is classified as Near Threatened.

If you're interested in learning more about rhinos and what you can do to help, visit:

To create this drawing, I sketched this guy in pencil using a variety of photos as reference material. Next I inked the lines using Copic Liners and snapped a photo of it with my iPad. Now I'm digitally inking the lines on my iPad, which is a handy medium because it's easy to erase mistakes and get the lines just right.

After this, I have 6 more animals to draw for a total of 20, then I'll be ready to put the book together!

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+Kelvin Thomas
Thanks so much for your comments, Kelvin! Glad to hear you like the rhino. I was thinking of including some info about each animal in the book, so hearing your suggestion confirms that would be a good idea! :)
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Thaneeya McArdle

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You can now get flasks featuring my colorful art!

These 6oz stainless steel flasks can even be customized by adding your own text or images, like the example in the upper right. (Wouldn't that be a cool gift for a couple who had a Day of the Dead wedding??)

You can find these colorful flasks here:
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Here's a chimp from my Groovy Animals Coloring E-Book! I colored him using Copic Sketch markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, and Sakura Gel Pens. Some of the gel pens were metallic and glittery. I do love shiny sparkly things!!

You can check out my Groovy Animals Coloring Pages here:

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YAY, I'm almost done putting together my newest downloadable e-book: Groovy Animals Coloring Pages! Here's a sneak peek at a few more of the animals - an elephant, a snail, and a walrus (plus a little penguin)!

I'll be posting this set of 20 coloring pages for sale sometime over the weekend, so stay tuned!!

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If you're a fan of my sugar skull drawing "Rejoicing Quietus II", check out this 16-month poster calendar, published by Andrews McMeel! The poster is 15 inches by 21 inches and includes monthly grids for September 2014 - December 2015. The poster can be pre-ordered now and will ship on July 15. You can find this poster on Amazon, and many other sites:

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Seems like wedding season is approaching, because I've been selling heaps of sugar skull wedding invitations lately! Day of the Dead is a pretty cool theme for a wedding, don't you think? :)

My black and white "Los Novios" sugar skull couple is my most popular image for wedding-related items. In addition to wedding invitations, it's also available on a lot of other cool wedding supplies and accessories, such as RSVP cards, favor boxes, address labels, postage stamps, ties, belt buckles, commemorative plates, flasks, and a lot more!

You can see all of these items and more at:

If there's something you're looking for but you can't find it, feel free to ask me here. Zazzle can be tricky to navigate sometimes so I'll be happy to help!

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Of all the joys that life has to offer, one of the best feelings is when someone tells me that I made a difference in his or her life - that I was useful or helpful in some way. To have a positive impact on the world around me is one of my lifelong goals, and I try to let that impulse guide my actions as much as possible.

Recently I was humbled and honored when Jaya Sanghita shared with me this blog post she recently wrote about how my art and lessons inspired her to pick up her paintbrush and reignite her creativity. In turn, her kind words have deeply moved and inspired me to continue sharing the joy of art with others. While I can't negotiate world peace, alleviate poverty or come up with a cure for cancer, I can try to help people explore their creative side while discovering tools and techniques for visual self-expression. If that helps even one person, then it's totally worth it!

We've all got something special to give that can positively affect other people, even if we're not aware of it. Always remember that even small gestures or actions can affect others in ways you may never realize!

Thank you Jaya for writing such a heartfelt blog post!
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Hi +Kelvin Thomas - I'm so happy to hear that my website was useful to you! Thanks so much for letting me know. Happy Art-Making!! :)
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