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The new letter-scrolling is awesome!

I've been struggling with the "Rescan" option though. For some reason the app doesn't scan past a certain point unless I manually go to a specific sub-directory that contains books. It's driving me batty because the app is missing a few hundred books, so when I search for them, I have to look up the author name to find them through the file system first.
My books are arranged:
Main Library Folder/A/Author name/book.epub
It initially finds a lot of books but won't find any past a certain point. Is there a way I can generate a bug report in the app? I'm using FBReader Premium.

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I love FBReader, and even bought the Premium version (worth it!). I use it infrequently in favor of a different eBook reader, but FBReader has come so far in the past year, I do hope to use it as my daily reader soon.

Part of the problem is that I have a lot series (and books) in my collection, and it takes me a few minutes to navigate from the top (the As) to the bottom (Zs). This is one of the reasons I don't use FBReader very often.

It's also pretty laggy when I do a manual search for a series, and I often find author names in the results, just to confuse matters.

Is it possible in the future there could be a list of letters instead of every author/series/book (for the different views)? The scroll bar on the right isn't selectable either, or I'd just drag it down to the bottom. That would be so awesome!
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We Californians don't consider most smaller earthquakes to be a big deal, but most of our buildings are "earthquake-proof." Please be considerate when you compare our riverways (formerly known as freeways) to your state's typical winter weather. We are not prepared. Our cars don't have boats equipped, for one. 

Someone needs to invent a container for cracker sandwiches. My napkin isn't working so well! 

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Number of executive orders by each president... Damn, Franklin Roosevelt! 3,522???

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Happy Halloween on National Cat Day from Meow of Moo and Friends :)
Trick or Treat?

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A fellow author, Lori Choman (who has actually FINISHED books), was featured on this week. Yay! It made me sniffle though :(
Lori Choman is this week's Author Highlight. She's writing a book that hits close to home for me. It doesn't fall under any of the categories I normally read, mainly because it's non-fiction. She's shared a snippet from her story on her blog, and another snippet on Facebook (why not G+?!?)

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Cool beans :P is a WPMU blog intended for authors who need a blog-home, blog tours and book reviews. Since the site manager's taste runs toward sci-fi/supernatural/romance/mystery genres (not necessarily all at once), it's probably in your best interest not to request a review of a book about picking out a fabulous wardrobe :P If there's cheese involved, though, sign me up! Bacon, too ;)
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