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Las Vegas wedding photography at the Bellagio Hotel, Caesers Palace Hotel, Mirage Hotel, Venetian Hotel and The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. Is the photography session better during the day or night?

Night time wedding photography on the Las Vegas Strip has it's glamour and sparkling lights however is the night time the right time to do your wedding photography?

I have been performing Las Vegas Strip Tours for 15 years and want to share the following information to all couples looking for wedding photography on the Las Vegas Strip :

When shooting at night the main source of light for the couples is a flash. Those lights are harsh and most of times not flattering to the subject.
Below is a link from google to show you visually of how it looks at night.

The amount of editing that goes into those pictures is very time consuming. If you are not paying for editing the pictures are usually over exposed and over flashed. It takes work to make them look good and that is why some photographers charge a hi fee to shoot them.

The Las Vegas Hotels all block sections off so the general public can't interfere in the composure of the picture. Most free lance photographers do not have that luxury.

The traffic on the strip is almost at a stand still and it can take 15 to 30 minutes to cross a major street. If you paying by the hour your session you could wind up with a lot of traveling and limited picture time. Trying to find a place to park can be frustrating and nearly impossible at night.

There is also a tremendous amount of tourists around the popular backdrops like the Bellagio fountains, Caesars Palace Fountains, The Venetian Hotel Gondolas, The Mirage Volcano and other hot spots around the strip. This creates a difficult situation to get images without anyone in them except the wedding couple!

Finally there is no natural light. Lighting is the key to great photography. This leads me to explain all the benefits of shooting in the morning and early afternoon on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Las Vegas Strip is the complete opposite in regards to the natural light. In the morning and early afternoon the Las Vegas Strip receives natural light and direct sunlight which provides beautiful color in the images.. In the late afternoon when the sun goes west behind the hotels the strip turns a blue/grey tone and isn't the most satisfactory lighting for a wedding photography shoot.

There are also a lot of areas open to the public during the day that need indirect and direct lighting to give the beautiful detail in the landscape and structures. Areas such as the waterfall inside the Palazzo Hotel have big beautiful skylight windows which let in natural light and provides for ideal photography.

If you look at my Las Vegas Strip Photography Tour Gallery below, you will see what I am writing about. There is vibrant color, soft lighting and a lot of detail in the pictures that you can not get at nighttime.

I suggest doing the photography session in the morning to mid afternoon to get the maximum benefits of your photography shoot and the best picture quality.


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Choosing the Las Vegas Strip for your Las Vegas Wedding Day Photography

An affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer is the key to adding the Las Vegas as an addition to your Las Vegas Wedding especially if you just got married as one of The Las Vegas Wedding Chapels.

The one and only Las Vegas Strip awaits your special day.

Las Vegas is the Wedding Capitol Of The World and there is no other city that offers the excitement and glitter and one of a kind photo opportunities.

You can get rent transportation for a larger group by renting a party bus, limo, or if it a group around 6 you can have you local Las Vegas wedding photographer take you around in his vehicle.

It is better to hire a photographer that has transportation then one that just walks in close proximity around the strip.

Start at the iconic Las Vegas Sign and then head down the strip to all the hot spots as well as the elegant staircases, balconies, and iconic backdrops.

This is a very y most popular package for couples all over the world.

The Las Vegas Strip has so many larger then life backdrops.
It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

You can add this to your day if you are getting married in a chapel or hotel chapel to capture The Heart Of Las Vegas!

The Las Vegas Strip and I will provide you with larger than life images.

Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer
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Red Rock Canyon Wedding Photography and Red Rock Canyon Wedding Packages

One of the best kept secrets In Las Vegas is just 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.
Red Rock Canyon is one of the most stunning backdrops for Las Vegas Wedding Photography or a Las Vegas Wedding! The vibrant spectrum of red and orange colors, along with stunning cliffs and mountains are just breathless. Access to the park and areas are easily accessible and the level of difficulty for some light climbing is at a minimum.
If you are looking for an affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photography and want a different flair for you images then Red Rock Canyon is the place for your Las Vegas Wedding Photography shoot.
If you love nature and beauty in a close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip this is a this is a must.
There are two different excursions that I recommend.
1. The perimeter of the Red Rock National Park from Our Giant Joshua Cactus, West Red Rock Mountains and Calico Basin that has a beautiful country like feel with a grassy field and awesome mountains that scream bursts of color.
2. Inside the park for a 13 mile drive that includes easy rock climbing for one of a kind pictures to a trail to a giant pine tree and large rock formation.
This truly is a experience you will truly treasure for a lifetime.
It is one of my favorite places to be and provides images that can not be reproduced anywhere even close.
Come join me for a destination journey you will treasure forever!


Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer
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Nelson Nevada Mining Town
The Dry Lake Beds
Nelson Ghost Town
Nelson Nevada

If you are looking for an affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photography and want a different flair for you images then Nelson Landing or Nelson Nevada Ghost Town is the place for your Las Vegas Wedding Photography shoot or Nelson Landing Wedding.
The mom and pop owners are very kind and only charge $10 per hour to do a photo shoot on there property and $100 to perform a wedding service on there property.
Our surrounding areas have so much to offer. One of the popular destinations is Nelson Nevada.
Nelson Landing  has a true Western feel along with an eclectic array of buildings and props to make your wedding day one to remember. It also can be a great place to get unique vintage vibe to the images.
The electric green cactus are also one of the prettiest in our state.
Just a 45 minute drive from the strip we will spend 1.5 hours capturing some of the most unique and vintage props in our city and leave you wanting more.
On the way home we will stop off at the dry lake beds and top off the day with a special landscape our terrain provides.
If your looking for a unique journey back in time with a vintage flair then this is a must.

I look forward to our journey back to the wild west!


Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer
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Hair and Makeup
May 23, 2017

For fifteen years I have been a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. One of the things that stress out a bride and causes the whole shoot to be delayed is not having the right Hair and makeup company.
I have witness delays for 15 minutes to 2 hour behind schedule.
I have used the same Company for my whole career.
They are very affordable and professional and come right to your hotel room.
Finally, they are awesome and the turn around time is very quick.
Hope this helps out you future brides.

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United Kingdom couples getting married in Las Vegas looking for a affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer
June 7, 2017

There are so many choices in Las Vegas when looking for a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. The Las Vegas Wedding Chapels charge a very high fee to purchase the copyrights to the couples pictures and you only receive 6 to 12 pictures at the majority of the chapels. If you want to purchase the rights to your pictures it can cost anywhere from $500 to $3000 depending on the venue.
Couples that want to experience the iconic backdrops in Las Vegas for there wedding pictures can hire a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer at a fraction of the fee they would pay at a chapel.
If the couples from The United Kingdom get married at a chapel they should take the minimum package and then hire a local Las Vegas wedding photographer that includes transportation.
In two hours they can get some of the most beautiful images at some of the best Landmarks in Las Vegas. There are so many other choices that are in the backyard of the Las Vegas Valley. You can do a photo shoot at Red Rock National Park, Nelson Nevada, Lake Las Vegas, and The Desert Dry Beds.
Couples can even hire a Local Las Vegas Officiant or a Elvis Impersonator and get married at the Las Vegas Sign. They then can hire a Las Vegas Photographer to shoot the wedding and there is no fee to get married at the sign. This can save you a large sum of money so you can enjoy all the other wonderful shows and restaurants our city has to offer.
Keith Kaplan Photography Las Vegas has been doing the 2 hour Internet Wedding Special for over 15 years and provides transportation. He has provided services for over 4000 couples over the last 15 years. He has hundreds of reviews.
If your looking for a affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer and want the best in Las Vegas then consider Keith Kaplan.
You can look at his work at

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Choosing a restaurant for a couple eloping on a budget.
June 4, 2017
So many couples coming to Las Vegas and that have planned a Las Vegas Wedding or a Las Vegas Elopement are on a budget. There are so many great choices of restaurants, however the hotels restaurants can be very expensive. It actually can be cheaper to use Uber or Lyft to get to a restaurant off the strip then eating on the strip. If you have or car or are renting a car then that is even better.
Here is a list you can google for some great food locally;   One of the best views in Henderson overlooking Las Vegas.
I Love Sushi
Chicago Joes

Town Square is a shopping mall that has many restaurants: (Some are a little pricey and others very fairly priced.)

Brio Italian(Just beautiful inside)

texas de brazil las vegas (My personal favorite if your a meat lover)
6533 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Bone fish Grill

China Town is also just 2 miles from the Las Vegas Strip
Enjoy !

Best affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

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At Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas
Las Vegas Wedding
Best affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

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Best Las Vegas Wedding Photographer
Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

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Hi this is Keith. I am trying to help promote my Las Vegas Wedding Photography business and could use your help if you are willing.

All I ask is a quick share with some of your family and friends and hopefully they can do the same. I hope my work is pleasing to you and thank you in advance.
Have a great day!


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